Host Held Hostage

Host Held Hostage

A Chapter by Ricky

Two worlds meet and it's not a friendly encounter. As everyone scrambles to piece together what has happen, our two characters finally meet.


                                                   Inside the Escape pod, on uncharted planet


  Lycia woke up with her head pounding and her antennas felt a bit swollen. For a few moments, she just laid there afraid that if she tried to get back up she’d topple over again.  She took this moment to recall the events that led to her to be this sort of state, she remembered she sent off world for reasons her mother refused to tell her. On the way, the ship was pulled out of Slip Space by a large band of Renuein pirates, that she eventually escaped from via the pod she was currently suffering in. The pod was set to uncharted space where she discovered a remote alien species, and in which trying to prepare herself for an encounter with these aliens she somehow managed to knock herself unconscious.


   Lycia really couldn’t believe that she actually knocked herself out, she was impressed that she was actually able to do something so stupid despite her best efforts in self-preservation. Her thoughts were dragged from her when a bleed liquid slowly rolled into her vision, she squinted not quite understanding what is was at first, but it didn’t take long to figure it out. When she squinted, she felt a sharp stinging sensation above her left eyebrow. Slowly she reached to the area on her forehead wincing when she touched it.


  Realizing that she was bleeding she hesitantly forced her body up which felt incredibly sore to look for something with a reflection.  She crawled over to were a piece of metal and grabbed it using its reflection to judge the damage. She had a small gash above her eyebrow which was bleeding, and she was correct in her assumption that her antennas were swollen. Fortunately, that’s all the felt like no broken bones, so she had that going for her. After a quick assessment on the rest of her body she determined that she was ok for the most part.


        She pushes he feet under her and stands up stumbling as she does so. She wasn’t that far off thinking she would fall down if she got up, but if really wasn’t because of the pounding sensation in her head. Lycia felt stronger, she was surprised and confused to why she felt this way. As she pondered she to notice on how quiet it was, it took her a moment to realize that the hum of the engines had died out. Putting two and two together she decided to confirm that she had landed on the planet she was aiming for.

“Have we reached the planet?”  Lycia walked Overton the navigation console still fumbling about trying to readjust to her new strength. The console remained silent however.

“Navigation have we arrived to the intended planet respond, now” She was not in the mood for any of this. But regardless the machine didn’t respond.

               Upset by this misfortune she kicked the console, but given that she didn’t know her own strength she stubbed her toe doing so. The pain she felt only fueled her frustration, but given her current predicament she contained herself as best she could. “Ok assuming that this is the planet, what now?” Lycia thought out loud. Looking around the pod, which was now a wreck, for the container that gave of her this head trauma.

               She found it with its lid opened, one of the hinges had broken and its contents were scattered all over the floor. Most of materials were still intact, the exception being a portable medical drone along with a few vials with contents that she didn’t know.  But some of the more important materials remained intact they were just thrown about the pod carelessly.  She walked over and picked up some of the essentials like food rations and water placing it all into one neat pile. Along with the rations Lycia had found, there were some other useful gadgets like the trouble causing pair of translation devices, as well as something special.

There among the scattered supplies was an A.H.M.B., also known as an Alien Holographic Mimicking Band.  What it was essentially was a wrist bad that scanned alien life and projected an image onto the user that resembled the species scanned. She wasn’t sure why Alyuans used them, their size was so great that usually most of their body would be cloaked to allow for proper mimicking. Not to mention that Alyuans were a proud race that enjoyed showing the rest of the galaxy how great they were.

Then she remembered something else Dremux had told her when going to other planets occupied by other races. He told her that it made cooperation between Alyuans and other species much easier, most species were intimidated by Alyuans and would do their best to avoid them regardless of how long the two species had known each other. So sometimes deceiving the species was the best form to work with them, which was ridiculous in her mind. He’s an Alyuan and they’re living on an Alyuan controlled planet they should show some gratitude and be helpful.

Despite what she thought she to the band and placed it around her wrist, it snapped sound her wrist the magnets making sure it wasn’t too lose nor too tight. Now all she needed to do was to find one of these aliens so she could place the translation device onto, then scan it letting her blend in more properly.  “I wonder how easy that will be.” She was thinking out loud again.

She turned her attention back to the supplies she collected and thought that it was quite a lot for her to carry. For an average Alyuan it may not seem like much, but she was significantly shorter than the average Alyuan and nowhere near as strong as one. On top of that she didn’t have a sack to carry what she could, she brushed her hands through her hair agitated by how complicated this was.

She sighed and thought was essential for her to bring, most of the planet was covered in water so she decided she’s only take one container of it with her. She wasn’t sure what would be edible or not so she took a couple handful of rations, as well as medical supplies. The last thing she needed was to catch some alien disease and let that be the end of her. Lycia now had a newer smaller pile of supplies that didn’t look that impressive, but she still felt like she was forgetting something important.

“The beacon receiver!” She shouted looking around the pod desperately trying to find the receiver. Tossing debris around she searched for the receiver, without it she wouldn’t know if the beacon was deployed, if it had sent a signal, or if the signal was received. She’d be stuck until she died, she stopped horrified at the thought of being left all alone in uncharted space. She’d never get to see her home Alyu again, nor her family, she’d be lost and forgotten left to rot without anyone to care for her. Tears rolled down the sides of her face, she didn’t want that. She wanted to do something meaningful with her life, something that would let everyone know her strength.

“No, I won’t die here. I refuse to be forgotten!” She clenched her hands into fist. She was determined to get off of this planet one way or another, no matter what it took.  She stomped her foot in assurance, there had to be a way for her to get off of this planet she just needed to be creative. As soon as that thought comes to her, the receiver slides out of the overhead above her and bonks her in the head. Rubbing her head, she feels like Alyu takes pleasure in making her life miserable.


  Lycia didn’t think much of Alyu, the one who created her planet and told her people they were destined to own all that they set their eyes on, because it was a bunch of religious nonsense. She did think though if this divine being was watching over the Alyuans that they would be just playthings to her. And at the moment she was having too much fun making her life a living nightmare, this was one of the reasons why she liked to but her faith in science. Straight forward with answers just waiting to be found.

               “Need to stay focused.” She forced herself to think about her current situation. She picked up the receiver which was a bot heavy and fairly large, around the size of her head just a bit smaller. That made things a bit more complicated because now she had to find something that can carry both the supplies she had and the receiver. She did one last visual sweep of the pod and couldn’t find anything that she could use. Frustrated Lycia kicks the broken container, she was more cautious with the force of the kick, she looks down at it wondering even if it wasn’t broken could she have used it.

               It was pretty large and made of some kind of metal she didn’t know, considering it was dense enough to knock her out it was probably pretty heavy. She tries to push it with her foot, but it barely budges. She takes notice of how dirty her dress had gotten; its gold and violet design were tainted with reddish-brown and bluish-purple stains.  The smell hadn’t entirely washed off her skin either, the smell of the gore she endured still lingered. Unfortunately, this was her only piece of clothing she had otherwise she tear them off bother changing into something better and burning them. “Hmm.” She hummed as an idea came to her.

               Lycia rips the bottom of her dress which lets allows her legs to breathe fresh air, literally. She takes the torn cloth and very crudely attempt to make a bag out of it, which take two or three attempts for it to actually hold everything she gathered. She ties the sack around her shoulder leaving out the translation device in case she encounters one of these aliens. She didn’t want to rummage through her stuff giving one of these savages enough times to escape. “Well, let’s get this over with.”  She sighed opening the pod doors.


                                                           Alki Beach, Seattle. Post UFO Crash

               Richard back felt very hot, life he’d been standing close to a large fire, and jaw felt extremely painful. Like someone ran right into it in full football gear at full speed, “That’s really the first though that comes to mind? Not what the hell just happened or what knocked me out?” Richard spoke to himself get on his hands and knees. He reaches up rubbing his jaw, wasn’t as swollen as it felt but that could have something to do with all the blood dripping off his beard.

“Yeah, that ain’t good.”  He tried to get up but the jolt on pain was more than he expected causing him to topple over again.

               A crowd had gathered not too far from him but they were keeping their distance, “Fair enough something did just slam into the beach.” He thought. Still to he’d thought that someone would come over and help him up, but no he just laid there alone on the beach. He then remembered that Sara was with him when this all happened, “Sara?!” he shouted. Richard looked where he thought he tossed her but she was not there, she either kept running or someone was able to get her away from the crash. If it was the first of the two, it hurt that she’d just leave him on the beach, but it’s not like she could’ve dragged him away with her small self.

               Still didn’t help how he felt. He tried getting up one more time braces himself for the pain when he could hear the emergency response sirens coming. He thought that maybe she should just wait they put him in an ambulance and take him to the hospital and fix him up. He thought how his mom would worry about how he was and after that she’d be overly cautious about how he’d exert himself somehow. And not to mention about how much it would all cost, the amount of drama made his head hurt. He did see a bright side to all this, now he had an excuse to no longer play football, sure people would still ask but he could now say, “You remember when that thing crashed at Alki? Well I was unfortunate enough to be beneath it when landed, so that’s why I don’t play anymore.” He felt sense of relief in that thought.

               But the tension was wounded up again when he heard the crowd started screaming, he lifts his head and sees them all fleeing from the beach.  He quickly shifts his head looking over his shoulder and sees a tall blue figure looming over him. Ignoring the pain he felt earlier Richard tries get to his feet, adrenaline and fear pumping through his body. The figure stops him though, grabbing his thick hair and forcefully yanks his head back shouting at him in a language he couldn’t comprehend. He reached up in to pry his assailant’s grip but its skin was all wet and was hard to get a good grip on.

               He felt something cold placed against his head and then a sudden sharp pain that went beyond his scalp and into his skull.  Following that he felt like there were small thin things moving around across the surface of his brain. He jolted and gasped for breath when what felt like a needle shot into the back of his brain. Richard had no idea what this thing was doing to him but he was definitely was not going to let it continue. He let go of the figures wrist a raising his hand further up probably confusing the being because he felt its grip loosen, and then slammed his elbow into the being’s gut.

               Whatever this thing was it certainly felt that because it let go of his hair and hunched over him holding its gut. Richard then thrusts all his weight into the figures legs causing the being to fall onto its back. At this point, Richard felt his anger rile up again and for once put it to good used positioning himself on top of the being’s abdomen and threw one of the hardest punches he had ever thrown. The punch connected to the top left side of the figure’s head, but instead of feeling just skull it felt like the was something meaty and bony as well. Before he could throw another punch, the figure grabbed his arm and held it in place, and even before he could raise his other arm it takes a hold of it as well.


     He struggles to break free, but whatever this thing was it was just as strong, if not stronger, than him. Then something bewildering happen, the being spoke again in the foreign language, but this time he understood it. “You big dumb savage get off of me!” it spoke, its voice now sound like and anger woman. Richard relents struggling and is taken back by this, “What the hell?” is what he meant by all but the word ‘hell’ came out as a different dialog.

 The strangeness of his voice scared him, and he fell back and crawled backwards as if trying to escape his own voice. The blue being let go, but not without getting a good kick at him. Now trembling Richard barely managed to ask the question, “Wha-what did you do to me?!” Before any answer could be given a bunch of men armed soldiers came rushing at them encircling them. They had their M4 assault rifles trained on both them with red dots from their laser sight stationed across their bodies.

“Please! Please help me! This thing, she put something in my brain! Please to gotta help me I’m begging ya!” Richard begged with tears forming, but it all came out as the foreign language as before.

               The soldiers clearly didn’t understand what he was saying and shouted at him to stay back very assertively. Richard kept his arm up and repeated his pleas over and over again until the being interrupted him, “They can’t understand you, you imbecile. The device attached to our heads allows you to speak my language so I can understand what you’re saying.” He turned around and got the first good look at his assailant, she was entirely blue, like baby bluish, even her hair was a blue mix with it being darker around the edges with it fading to white as it neared the pupils which were entirely white. Her hair was long going down to her mid to upper back, and of course was blue as well, it was a dark blue though which contrasted from the light blue of her skin. She wore a gold and violet dress that hugged her body which made it easier to distinct what gender she was. Or at least he assumed that its physical features would match that of a human, the voiced helped him his assumption.

               What really caught his attention was the face, she had eyebrows and eyelashes to match her hair, but she didn’t have a nose. Her face just protruded a but where one would be but there was no sign of nostrils. Speaking things that were missing, he couldn’t find any ears on her as well. What he did find was a pair of antennas popping out of the top corners of her forehead that burrowed themselves into her hair. She reminded him of those old aliens that you’d see in those Sci-Fi comics from the fifties or something like that.

“Hey!” the alien yelled at him again. “Are you even listening to me? Who are these people and what do they want?”

“I feel like we can be asking you the same questions. But I got a better question, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” Richard screams still uncomfortable with not having any control over his speech. The soldiers looked at him cautiously only making the words ‘hell’ out, he was no longer giving his attention to them resting his arms and fiercely pointing at the being. “Great I managed to choose one of the stupidest of you savages.” “What did you say?!” “Are you deaf too, I clearly just said what I did. But if you really need me to remind you, I put a device that latched to the communication portion of your brain.” “Yeah, no s**t!” The two went back and forth their conversation getting more aggressive by the moment.

               With it the two getting more and more aggressive with each other, the soldiers intervened grabbing the two and trying to separate them. Richard was taken back by the forcefulness of the soldiers, but knowing better he did not struggle and stepped back. The alien was not at as well behaved as he was and punched the first soldier to grab her laying him fall on his back. Three more moved in to take hold of her two in front and one sneaking her was behind the alien. While the two got her attention the third soldier pounced putting the alien in a full-nelson. The alien did not like this and squirmed trying to throw the soldier off, but the other two stepped in the keep her still. Despite there being three of them they still struggled, she head-butted one of the soldiers giving him a bloody nose. The soldier must’ve been sick of her because he pulled out his sidearm and shoulder at her to stay still, which she did but she kept screaming.

 “Now wait one minute soldier.” A nicely dressed man in a black suit ordered as he waltzed over. His presence stole everyone’s attention defusing the situation. “This is a first contact scenario we don’t want to make a rude impression.”

“Who the hell are you supposed to be?” the soldier angrily asked.

               The man rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket pulling out a badge that said FBI on it shoving it in the soldier’s face. The soldier groaned withdrawing his weapon from the alien’s face and backed away. The agent stepped forward in front of the alien, which had calmed down and stared back at him, her white pupil looking him in the eyes. He ordered the soldier to release her which they did, the alien jerking loose as soon as she realized what was happening.

“Hello there, my name is Isaac Santiago, I am the agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the nation the United States of America.”  Agent Santiago introduced himself.

               The alien gave him a look like she was demeaning him, but Santiago couldn’t figure out why. The alien let out a sigh and pointed at its antennas, which didn’t clear up much. The alien sighed again, but this time it spoke while pointing, each word said though was long and exaggerated. The agent realized what was happening and turned to Richard. “Can you still understand us?”  Richard tried to say yes but it didn’t come out as English he groaned and just nodded his head. 

“Ok now I want you to translate what I’m saying, word for word, understand?” he asked Richard who nodded.

“Ask it who it is?”  The agent questioned which Richard translated. The alien glared at Richard giving him a brief answer. 

The agent looked at Richard and shrugged his shoulders as well as shook his head. “Ok, then ask it why its here.” Santiago requested once more which was translated. The alien gave Santiago and Richard both the same annoyed look that she did before then spoke again briefly before pointing at the object she came out of. Santiago turned to Richard, who was about to say something but remembered he couldn’t speak English. He raised his hand and balled it into a fist and made loud crashing noises smashing his fist into his opened palm.

“*sigh* We know it crashed, we want to know why.” The agent was getting agitated by how slow this was going.

               Again, Richard spoke and instead of insulting their intelligence the alien gave them another short, but serious answer. The FBI agent realized it was something serious by the change of expression the young man translating had. He turns to Richard waiting for a response, Richard stuttered desperately wanting to say something but knew he couldn’t. He then demonstrating by swinging a powerful punch at one of the soldiers, who didn’t take to kind to it, but stopped himself before connecting. No one knew what he was trying to say and he groaned in frustration repeating the action over and over again and again.

“It was in a fight?” a soldier asked which Richard gave a nod to. Santiago was about to go into further depth with that answer, but he took a good glance behind him and saw the crowd of people getting more and more restless. “I’m sorry to cut this conversation shout but, the crowd is getting a bit antsy so we’re going to need to move this to a more secure area.” The agent spoke snapping his fingers. The soldiers grab the two once more the alien fighting them once again the soldiers forcefully drag Richard towards one of the Hummers, but he still doesn’t resist. It’s only when the alien spouts something out that is directly for him to hear does he freak out and uses all of his strength to break free of the soldiers’ grasp and dashes toward the alien.

The soldiers restate alien can’t do anything but putting all of their effort in moving the alien to the armored car. The soldiers that were holding him dash over to him weapons at the ready telling not to resist. Richard keeps his arms out making distance between him and them and is frantically trying to explain something to no avail. Agent Santiago sighs as he watches the soldiers control the man, so he walks over to Richard and draws his side arm pointing it in his face. “I don’t have the time for this kid so you need to get into the car or I’ll make you.” The agent threatens.

Richard’s voice is now trembling and he keeps trying to say what he has to say but of course no one can understand him. He then points to the alien then back to himself and the device on his head consistently, he then ended with the sound of an explosion after pointing at the device. “My god it’s a bomb.” Santiago gravely said ordering the soldiers to get the crowd as far away from them as possible. The sound soldiers and cops shouting boomed through the air, but was quickly drowned out by the shuffling and mummers of the crowd. After a few moments, a group of SWAT EOD guys show up and isolate Richard while one moves in, but his motions the diffuser with his finger by slightly moving it and followed up by another explosion sound.

“It’s motion censored!” the EOD guy calls out.

               Santiago turns to the alien looking at it sternly, which for a moment appears to break its resilience, but it quickly returns the nasty look. Santiago then turned his attention to Richard stomping over to him, remaining behind the perimeter the EOD team had set up. He stared at Richard who kept pointing to the alien the bomb and himself, all the while fruitlessly trying to say the words he wanted to say. After observing his actions the agent deduced what the young man was trying to tell him

“It’s a proximity explosive, if he gets too far from the alien it’ll go off.” Santiago informs the EOD squad who are still extremely tense.

Santiago pushes through the safe zone the explosive handlers set up straight toward Richard reaching his coat pockets pulling out a set of handcuffs. “Give me your wrist.” He orders Richard very sternly yanking at his limb cuffing his wrist very tightly. He preceded to drag the man who weighs around a hundred more pounds than himself towards the alien snatching her wrist which gets a shriek out of her. The two look at the bounded wrist than angrily at each other, their glares are cut should however, when a soldier shoves their shoulders with their weapon ordering them to move. Richard and the alien give one last scowl to one another, Richard nudges his head at the Humvee waiting for them. With a sigh of anger and reluctance she moves to the car dragging him the whole way, “We’re done here people, secure the area and report anything that pops up!” Santiago shouts as gets into his own vehicle leading the armored convoy to their destination. 

© 2017 Ricky

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