Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity

A Chapter by Ricky

The chat between the agent and the alien gets sour and turns heated when suspicions rise between the two species


                Lycia was absolutely furious, not only did she get attacked by these aliens, but now she’s a captive again. Only now she’s been chain to the idiot who attacked her, “How could this situation get any worse?” she thought to herself. She was torn from her self-pity when the paler alien snapped its fingers at her like she was some sort of pet. She thought of taking a bite at its fingers, then maybe it would think twice before doing that again. It pointed at the darker one, it probably wanted to communicate again, in all honesty though she wasn’t in the mood to talk. Especially to the thing they chained her to, she could feel the bruise on her stomach and her antenna was throbbing excessively now.

               She thought her luck had turned around after seeing it on the ground where she could easily insert the device into its head. Instead she got a fight she wasn’t planning on and another thing Dremux could brag to her about how he’s always right. Well he was right about one thing, being the first to encounter isolated beings was awful. The pale one snapped at her again, she was really getting agitated that it wasn’t picking up on the fact that she didn’t want to talk to it. It kept speaking loudly in it incomprehensible language doing its best to get her attention by annoying her.

“Just acknowledge the man so we can get on with all this.” The voice of darker alien silenced the paler one.

               Lycia looked up at it reluctantly getting a good look at its features, this one was a light brown reminding her of the leaves on her mother’s garden when winter came around. She took that it was a male because of what it said about the paler one. That and the fact that it lacked the same features that she had, but with these aliens anything was possible to tell. It had black looking hair but shined a dark brown in the quickly passing patches of sunlight, and had it growing all over its head. There was a patch growing above its upper lip, which were pinkish and plump, that looked like a worm was resting on its face. Another patch extended from its hair on its head moving its was down along its cheeks, chin, and neck. Its nostrils were in the center of its face hanging underneath a bulge of flesh sticking out of its flat face. What was most odd were the flaps of flesh that were on the side of its head that she assumed were its ears. They were thin and light shone through it revealing some of its blood vessels within it. The silliest part of this creature’s ear was that thickest part that looked very floppy but firm at the same time. And its eyes were the most attention craving part of it, they were mostly white but had what she thought one black circle within it. But when light passed its eyes it exposed that there were two circles one being dark brown with a black dot within it.  Lycia would think that the species looked pretty normal, but her overwhelming discontent for their race was overshadowing any positive thoughts about them.

“I am in no mood to talk to either of you.” Lycia answered her cold attitude letting the alien know how she felt about it.

“Yeah, well I’m not in the mood to be handcuffed to a stubborn blue freak, but I’m still putting up with.” The dark alien response was just as aggressive if not more so than her own which she was not prepared for.

               She was about to lash back but saw no purpose in quarreling with it, the armed ones would just threaten them until they’d remain silent. These aliens clearly have no idea who she is because if they did they would regret every action they had done up to this point. She swore that once she got home she’d make these ones pay for what they did once they assimilate into the empire. If the rest of their species were as rude as they were she hoped that they would be sent out to the asteroid belt to mine resources.

“All that’s going to be accomplished is that you making a bigger fool of yourself.” She told him.

“Well how about you tell me how to get this bomb off my head or better yet take it out yourself so my brain doesn’t go spewing everywhere.” His tone was more aggressive at first but mellowed out when an armed one glanced at him.

               Not only could she not allow him to remove it because, unfortunately, he was the only one who could understand her. But also, she didn’t even know how to remove it. She was able to read how to put it on and switch between users from the manual that came with it, but it had gotten damaged in the crash and she was unable to read the rest of it. So, she was stuck with this idiot for the time being, the thought that she’d be stuck with this fool put her in a foul mood.  She just ignored him them and peered out the window of the vehicle they were in watching the landscape go by.

               She could hear the pale alien trying to communicate with her and the darker one trying to get her attention but she tried to flush them out of her mind. She just couldn’t wait to get home and get on with her life. Lycia did admit she would miss the weightlessness this planet gave her maybe she’d visit once it was more civilized. And based on the aliens she had seen she liked not being the short one in the crowd, she smiled at the thought of these aliens meeting the rest of the Alyuan race and their expression when they realized that they weren’t a race that should be meddled with.

               Lycia was suddenly pushed against the window her cheek pressed against the glass and felt her handcrafted bag being removed from her shoulder. She began to kick and scream squirming around trying to get out of their filthy grasp.  One of them has got a hold of her hair and is pushing her head against the glass while another has their hand buried in between her shoulder blades. Whenever she wriggled she could feel her bones scrapping against her flesh. The arm that was cuff to the alien was being twisted behind her back and whenever she tried to yank her arm back in her control she could feel one of them press up against her.

               The paler alien spoke telling his lackeys to let her go as he observed the sack’s content. When she felt enough weight lifted off her she tried to lash out at the pale one, but felt her cuffed armed being yanked back. The darker alien had grabbed hold of his cuffed arm and prevented her from attacking her captor. Lycia gave the alien a scowl Bethany further violence was halted when she was pushed back into her seat. She now watched as the pale alien rummaged through her supplies, its face cringing when it pulled out and opened one of the rations.

He quickly moved in into a container and continue to pillage through the material that she had gathered. It pulled out the container for water and opening it smelling the content finding nothing and putting it in an operate container. But both Lycia and the pale aliens face lit up when he pulled out the emergency beacon transmitter. It carefully inspected it taking detailed glanced over it from every angle, it said something more to itself than anyone else

               The pale alien shouted something but she didn’t care, she just wanted them to treat her with the respect she deserves. “Hey, maybe if you stop fight them and answer some of their f*****g questions, then they’ll stop slamming you into the door!” The darker alien spoke, the translation device wasn’t able to translate alien slang so the word ‘f*****g’ didn’t register. She Just assumed it was an insult and gave the darker alien a grimace. “Or don’t, I mean if you’re some sort of masochist that enjoys this then by all means you do you.  Just let me say that I’m pretty sure at this rate one of us is going to have a dislocated shoulder and I’m also pretty certain who it’s going to be.”

The alien had a smug look that she disdained, but as much as she hated to admit it he was right. She certainly didn’t want this to get any worse so despite her feelings, so she decided to play along at least for now. “Ok I’ll speak to him just as long as I’m no longer harassed.” 

               The darker skin alien then got the attention of the alien by saying the phrase ‘Santiago’ over and over again. It didn’t translate into Alyuan so she either assumed it was more slang or the paler alien’s name. Santiago looked over at the darker alien who was pointing at her with one hand and repeatedly opening and closing with the other.  She wasn’t sure what it meant but that clearly didn’t matter because Santiago seemed to understand him just fine because he asked something to the darker alien. He handed the darker alien a blank pad along with a primitive wooden device, which the darker alien took holding the pad in the chained hand and the wooden device in the other.

“He wants to know what that is and how to defuse the thing you put in my head.” The darker one translated.

“That is a transmitter that was in the emergency pod, it’s use to transmit a distress signal back to the nearest Alyuan planet. Then they’d send a rescue pod to get me off of your forsaken planet. As for that ‘thing’ as you put it, I do not know how to remove it.” She answered.

               The darker alien began to shout but was silenced by Santiago who snapped his finger at him and gestured to the pad. The darker alien let out a loud upset sigh and it looked as it started writing on it, it just showed their species primacy. Still she took some solace in watching the darker alien being ordered around like a servant. She watched as he jotted down symbols in their language that she didn’t understand and present it to Santiago.  Santiago said something again to the dark alien that upset him because he violently pointed to the translation device in his head. Santiago spoke again to the alien and calmed him down getting him to ask another question on his behalf.

“Where is the closest planet to ours and when will they arrive?” the dark alien begrudgingly asked.

“I can’t say for either of those questions because my ship was pulled from Slip-Space before we reach our destination. That and it depends on what ship the send to rescue me, hopefully as soon as they possibly can.”  Lycia answered returning the disdainful look the darker alien was giving her.

               Again, he wrote down on the pad what she was saying and presented it to Santiago, who was reading it like he was confused at what she was saying. “Maybe this one has poor handwriting.” Lycia thought. Santiago the raised his eyes from the pad and stared her in the eyes, the look he gave reminded her of Daemon’s. It disturbed her, but she did her best not to look intimidated despite feeling a chill go up her spine. Santiago spoke not turning her eyes from her, this at least gave her a reason to look aware from his gaze.

“What did he say” Lycia was eager to know what the issue was.

“He said, what will your people do once they discover Earth?” It took her a bit to realize the last word was referring to the name of their planet.

“They will come and take me home and then speak to your world’s leader… or leaders, and you’ll join the Alyuan Empire.” She answered.

               The darker alien’s expression showed a bit of concern and Santiago picked up on it. He instructed the dark alien to jot down what she said and he did, but it was when Santiago had read it Lycia felt concerned. He asked another question looking at her even more intensely.

“What if we don’t want to join your species empire?” The darker alien spoke. Lycia had a feeling that she had to choose her next world carefully or the situation may escalate. “You wouldn’t be the first non-Alyuan to become part of the empire, there are many. They all enjoy the luxuries that the empire can provide for them which include long distance space travel, which your species hasn’t yet acquired. So if you want me to help me help you, you’ll ask him to hand that back over to me.”

               The darker alien sighed like it knew something she didn’t and that nagged at her. She watched as he wrote what she had said in their language wondering if he was telling Santiago what she actually said. Santiago read what was written and sigh giving Lycia that same chilling look her had before and speaking directly to her like she would know what he said. She turned to the darker alien.

“That’s not what he asked.” The darker alien answered.

“Excuse me?” She replied.

“That’s not what he asked. He wants to know what would happen to humanity, our species, if we refuse to join your empire?” the darker alien asked who appeared just as interested in her answer as Santiago was.

Lycia remained silent, knowing that the answer she would have to give them would only put her in a worse position. “Then… we would… allow you to stay independent. And allow you to work your way up to becoming a more advanced species.” She lied hoping that they wouldn’t catch onto her bluff. The darker alien turn to look at Santiago, who gave him a quick glace before continuing to give her the same glare he’d been giving her for what seemed like an eternity now. Santiago didn’t say any words but the darker alien let out a chuckle that was more like he was blowing air out of his nostrils.

“I’m pretty sure no one has ever told this to you before so let me be the first to tell you that you are a terrible liar.”

“I-I’m not lying it’s the truth we let all the aliens we encounter remain isolated for their own self-governing.” Lycia stuttered realign that they saw through her lie.

“Really? So, let me personally ask you something, your species has an empire correct?” the darker alien was now giving her an odd look while it carried a smirk on its face.


“And you mentioned earlier that there were other alien species, aside from your own that is part of this empire, right?”

“Well I-” Lycia was going to try and change what she said but the darker alien stopped her before she could get a sentence out.

“And when empires expand its usually for more resources like land, food, water, etcetera, so my question to you is, if your species needs more resources for your people and the only way to provide them with those resources is by going to other planets to get them, what’s going to be left over for those already living on those planets?” she shuddered at how thorough his questioning was. Usually Santiago directed the questioning, and compared to the rest of these aliens Santiago seemed the most intelligent. These questions though were from the darker alien himself, and they punched through all the holes she’d just fabricated.

“I… um… well you what we do to solve that is-” Lycia couldn’t find the right words to put herself in a better position.

“What’s the matter can think of anymore lies? Listen I’m no expert in dealing with these sort of predicaments, by that I mean communicating with beings not from my own world. However, I do know from personal experience that if you’ve been caught in a lie that its best to start speaking the truth before you dig yourself into a hole that you can’t get out of.” The darker alien lectured her.

               Though she didn’t quite get the analogy that he was using, Lycia did understand that he knew she was lying to him. She mentally cursed herself for not being a better liar, but her conscious also warned her that if she told them the truth that they might not like it. Once again, she was forced to weigh her options, should she tell the truth and try to bargain her way out of this scenario unfolding. Or should she try and pick up her lie and polish it to make it look more believable, then try and lie her way off the planet.

“Do you know what’s going to happen to me?” Lycia asked.

“I have no idea, but I can ask for you. You’re probably going to answer their question before they give you any answers.” The darker alien spoke his voice was not as aggressive or smug anymore, but had a sincerer tone to it.

“If I tell you, you have to make sure that no matter what I say that no harm will befall me and that all efforts in returning me home will be taken.” Lycia was cautious of the change of attitude in this alien, but it was probably better than the alternative of getting caught in another lie.

“…I promise you I’ll speaks on your breath, but at the moment I’m just as much as a prisoner as you are.” Hearing him say that made her hearts stop.

“…Ok, the truth is that if a species doesn’t want to become part of our empire, we evict those who resist and drop them off on some isolated planet that isn’t compatible to our needs. While the rest are subjugated under our laws and are assigned jobs that meet the empires needs.” She said to him, it wasn’t all true, if any species refused to willingly give up their planet and caused too much of a problem to the empire the entirety of the species would be removed from the planet.

               So it was a half lie, but was good enough to make the darker alien believe her because the expression on his face looked as if he was horrified. She watched as the alien wrote out what she hoped was her request, but she couldn’t make any sense of the symbols that he jotted down. As she watched she noticed that he had put a gap between his writings, she wondered if he was separating what she told him from what she asked.

               He then presented the pad to Santiago who took it from him and read it thoroughly, she watched his eyes move back and forth reading each line. After reading it he looked at her again, but pulled a wired from behind the flesh flap on the side of his head and spoke into it. She turned to the dark alien hoping that he would tell her what’s going on, but he seemed as bewildered as she was. When Santiago finished she thought that he was going to try and continue the conversation that they were having. But they all just sat in silence that seemed like an eternity with the lack of information.

“What happening?” Lycia asked the darker alien.

“I don’t know, he said something in some sort of military code phrase saying that we’re on our way to outpost thrifty-six ty-six D, but I have no idea where that is.” The darker alien answered.

“What about getting me home has he said anything about that?” she was beginning to think that the worst-case scenarios were happening.

“Nothing.” Those words he said hit Lycia pretty hard.

So, with little options left she needed to try and coax information out of Santiago himself, so she reaches over to the darker alien trying to switch languages while the darker aliens was looking away. As she reached for it one of the armed aliens shouts at her and raises its weapon.  Her head snaps towards the alien with its weapon drawn and the rest of her freezes. Now the dark alien has noticed the commotion and shifts his head around his face wielding a look of shock.

“What the hell are you doing?” the darker alien asks very slowly looking her in the eyes.

“I was trying to reach the device in your head to switch to your language to make this easier.” She calmly says over the hollering of the armed aliens.

“You sure you weren’t going to set an explosive off in my head?” the alien replies calmly but there being a hint of anger in his words.

“Why would I try and set off an explosive this close to myself, what sense does that make?”  Lycia answered her words matching the alien’s as well.

“I don’t know, if you could switch the languages before why didn’t you do so before all this happened?”

“Maybe because some imbecile hit me in the abdomen and pinned me to the ground before I got the chance!” her voice was now showed that she was agitated but she hushed the extent of it through her teeth.

               The darker alien opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but apparently words failed him because he paused and looked away from her. He looked the soldier and raised his arm, but kept his hand leveled as he lowered his arm. The soldier seemed to have gotten the message but kept his weapon raised his eyes turning for confirmation. Santiago, who remained completely composed through this ordeal, looked at the armed alien then back at the darker alien. Lycia was unsure what type of look he was giving them but the darker alien bobbed his head up and down trying to get something across.

               Santiago gave him a deep stare that expressed curiosity as well as scrutiny; she glanced over curious to see how the darker alien would react to the intensity of Santiago’s stare. It seemed that the look that Santiago was giving him made the darker alien uncomfortable as well.  Unlike Lycia however, he didn’t try to hide any of it. There was a bit of silence with nothing but the humming of this vehicle’s engine filling the compartment, occasionally a shriek of one of the vehicles escorting would break the awkward pause. Santiago must have been thinking because after an exaggerated sigh he told the armed soldier something and he lowered his weapon.

               Lycia took this as allowance to continue, but she did take note that Santiago had one of his hand tucked into his outer article of clothing. She then remembered that he pulled a small weapon out of it to point at the darker alien.  She reached over and placed two of her fingers on the surface of the translator, which lit a light blue and scanned her finger up and down emitting a rainbow of colors. The aliens watched her intensely like a Swaklem watches over its cluster of eggs as the light went up and down her fingers. The device gave off a loud ping when it was done which seemed to startle all in the compartment, it even looked like Santiago had flinched a bit.

               In an instant, she felt a wave of information flow into her mind overwhelming her a bit by giving her a headache. It was like a whole new person was forced into her mind, but she had control over both of them. She opened her mouth to say something but was startled by the new sound of her voice, it wasn’t too different than original voice but had a noticeable higher pitch to it.

“Santiago….” She said more so to fully hear herself then to address him.

“…Yes?” Santiago now gave her his full attention.

“Where… Where are you taking me?” She asked in their language which made her feel off, wanting to say one thing but a completely different sound kept leaving her mouth.

“First, I’d like to ask you some questions, like who attacked you. Why is there a bomb in a translation device, and who are you?” the alien was firm in his questioning.

“My name doesn’t matter, as for who attacked me they were a less nomadic species that had become pirates. As for the translator in his head, they’re very expensive and very valuable when in comes to contact with other species. Something as precious as that cannot be allowed to be stolen, so when species, such as yourselves, are uncooperative drastic measures need to be taken.”  She explained not hiding her disdain for their species.

“Oh f**k you!” the tanned skin alien shouted somewhat surprised to hear his own voice.

“Ignore him, what are these pirates like?” Santiago continues to prod.

“*sigh* They’re short, shorter than both of us, but are bulky for their size. They’re reptilian and have claws and teeth to match the attitude, and they may have short legs they can be quite fast when they run on all fours.”

“Fascinating, can you tell me what type of explosive is implanted in the translator?”  Santiago said with a smile, one that disturbed her even more than the glare he’d given her.

“No, I cannot.” Lycia said wanting her turn for questioning.

“Why not?” The agent continued

“Because I’m not an explosive expert!” Lycia was stunned that she even needed to explain this.

“My apologies, now if you don’t mind I have one more question about this transmitter of yours.” Santiago gave an apology with no real meaning behind it.

“I do mind, so now it’s your turn to answer my questions. Now I want to know where you are taking me.”

“You don’t need to worry yourself about that we’ll be handling everything from now on. In the meantime, you’ll be coming with us for more questioning, while we try and remove the device you implanted in Richard’s head.”  Santiago answered.

“When will the questioning be done?” She continued on still getting use to the sound of her voice.

“Like I said you don’t have to worry about any of that, we’ll be taking care of everything.” The alien repeated himself.

               Lycia took notice that now he wasn’t answering her question, and felt more agitated as well as anxious. If he wasn’t going to answer these simple questions then that meant a few things. One, they were never going to reveal the location to her. Two, as far as they cared they had all of existence to question her, which leads to her next prediction. Three that they weren’t going to let her go. She gritted her teeth imaging the thought of being locked up in some foul cell forced to answer these aliens’ questions day and night in exchange for scrap food. No, she wouldn’t allow it.  She was not about to end up someone’s prisoner once again and be stuck on a primitive planet.

“Santiago…” she said making her voice sound as assertive as she was capable of, “… if you have any care for what happens to you and people, you’ll let me out of your vehicle, take this chain off of my wrist, and return my belongings.”

“Are you treating me Miss…” Santiago let the sentence drag on in hope to learn who she was.

“I will not tell you my name, and yes that was a threat. Now, Let… Me…. Go.” Lycia made sure she put emphasis on her final statement.

               Now everyone in the vehicle was staring at Santiago alluded by his next choice of words. Santiago looked around the compartment and recognized that what he said next would be the outcome of this conversation. He closed his eyes a let out a heavy sigh and was silent for a brief moment, “Alright, give me your wrist.” This response shocked everyone in the vehicle the soldier even trying to dissuade him from doing so. “Relax trooper, the situation is still under control.” The agent replied reaching into his jacket.

               Lycia wasn’t sure about what he meant about the situation being under control, but she did her this feeling in the back of her mind telling her not all was as it seemed. Cautiously she placed her chained wrist into his other hand waiting to be released. She tugged the darker alien’s wrist, whose name was Richard apparently, she took a quick glace at him and noticed that he too had a look of suspicion. Lycia was taken from her thoughts when she felt Santiago’s grip on her wrist tighten and she snapped her neck back towards him. He whipped out a syringe and tried to inject something into her, but she yanked her wrist out of his grasp before she kicked him in the chin.

               Santiago’s head whipped back viciously and he sat slumped in his seat with the syringe slipping out of his hand. Lycia for a brief moment felt a great deal of pride in herself in beating such a deceitful beast, but saw the soldier rearing its weapon towards her. She quickly swung her chained wrist down towards her opposite foot throwing Richard into the soldier. A loud explosion came from the weapon followed by the vehicle veering out of control. Once again Lycia was coated with red alien blood from the vehicle’s operator and was flown to the other side of the compartment when the vehicle skidded against some kind of divider outside.

               Again, the vehicle swerved slamming against another barrier bounding over it and becoming airborne giving the occupants a moment of weightlessness. The vehicle was falling off of some time of ramp structure rolling in the air slamming those inside like a child’s toy. It all ended in a final crushing blow as the vehicle crunched against the ground sprinkling glass and bits of metal all over. The vehicle had landed diagonally flattening an upper portion of the vehicle.

               Inside Lycia felt awful there were more bruises on her body that ached, and the one she’d gotten earlier were only amplified even more. To make matters worse she’d been melted with glass giving multiple small cuts across her body. She turned her head as she heard another groan in the wreckage. It was Richard, who himself had cuts along his arms, trying to get a grasp on the situation around him. He was on one knee the other leg stretched out for whatever reason while he rested on one of his elbow with the chained are stretched out as well.

               This was not what she had expected the outcome it be from her revolt but she knew that she had to make this work. Hastily searching for her belongings, she rolled over Santiago’s lifeless body and nabbed her food and water supply. Dread filled her veins though as she could not find the transponder, dragging the dazed being tied to her around in her mad search. When she found it, it was between the legs of the soldier who was lying motionless. Lycia, still cautious of the alien quickly snatched the transmitter and inspected it to make sure it was still intact.  It was given a few new scratches to its coat, but still looked fully functional.

               Lycia would have made sure that she had everything she needed but the sounds of sirens came closer and closer to her location.  Eyes shifting side to side, she noticed one of the windows of the vehicle had been cracked substantially with light peeping through small holes. She flipped onto her back and kicked large clumps of glass out of her way.  The sirens where on top of them now, she crawled through the hole squeezing the alien Richard through as well.  He tried to resist but she overpowered him and dragged him along.


          Out of the wreckage the light seemed blinding becoming more disorienting with the combination of flashing lights and sirens all around her. It wasn’t enough to stop her from running to the nearest though.  Her focus was on a red building in front of her and she was determined to get there, at the same time she saw these aliens hoping out of their vehicles weapons drawn or being so. Similar explosions like the recent one popped all around her followed by whizzes and whistles of something flying last her.

               All of her strength went into getting the doors opened, Lycia knew that she would develop a bruise from that later. At the current moment however, she felt nothing as the doors flew open the two almost falling over with each other. Shouting could be heard over the sirens and she slammed the doors shut pressing herself up against them.

“You! You see that pole with the banner on it reach for it so we can keep them out!” She shouted at Richard as the aliens tried to get through the door.

“We? No no, no, this is a ‘you’ problem. They’re only riled like this ‘cause you tried to escape, they want you not me.” He replied yanking on their chain.

“Ah! You fool, you think they only want me?! They want what’s in your head too, and I don’t think they really care how they get it! Which mean you’ll end up dead with them tearing it out of your skull!” She screamed as she was bumped as the door was alarmed rammed.

“So, at least with them I have a chance at living with them than with you! You don’t even know how to remove this thing from my head, so I’m not seeing a reason to help you.”  He argued as the two tugged for control of the chain.

“The reason you should help me is because I know people who can take the translator off without harming you whatsoever. I can’t bring you to those people if I’m in these savage’s custody, so make a choice.” Lycia tugged back still pressing against the door.

               He stopped tugging as hard clearly weighing his options letting out a sigh when his thoughts had been resolved letting go of the chain. Grabbing the pole, he handed it off to her where she stuck it between the handles. Pulling herself from the door she saw them hit the door again bending the pole slightly.

“We need to get out of here.” She turned to her new companion.

“Well then we’re out of luck ‘cause they got the building surrounded. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to get in from another way.” At that moment the two heard a loud bang from elsewhere in the building. “Oh, speak of the devil.”


Running away from the noise Lycia forced him down a couple flight of stairs into a large empty room. Quietly she closed the large door and crouched down hugging her knees trying to think of their next move. Richard crouched beside her and n a whisper reinstated into her mind that they can’t stay here. As if she didn’t already know that, but in her haste to get away from their pursuers she hadn’t taken an escape plan into consideration. Voices could be heard echoing in the distance, they were closing in and here she was hiding. She felt quick light tap on her shoulder and was going to ignore Richard if he hadn’t mumbled something incoherent. She turned to give him an annoyed look, but noticed he as pointing to something on the floor. It was some sort of drainage gate that looked old and covered in a dry flaky metal, but more importantly it was an escape.

“Wonder what that’s doing here in a place like this? Do you think we can get that open?” he whispered.

“I don’t know but we are going to try” She said as they both crawled over to the gate gripping it testing to see if it will even move. They tugged at it and saw it would move but was very heavy, they looked at each other to synchronize the efforts. She nodded her head and they lifted the gate, more of the flaky substance peeled off sticking to her moist skin. Ignoring the inconvenience, they set the lid aside peering into the dark hole. It had metal bars that sank into the darkness, they too were coated with this flaky material. Sighing she urged him to go first to make sure it was safe in which his response was to roll his eyes at her. Not sure what that meant she aggressively pointed at him and then the hole. He did a was told, but not before pointing to her, then the lid, and then the hole. She knew that he wanted her to put the lid back thinking that she didn’t know to do that. He began climbing down one handed with the other she lacked to let her to lean against the edge of the hole as she slid the lid as quietly as she could over their heads.


© 2017 Ricky

Author's Note

Thanks to anyone who's been waiting for the next chapter and hello to any newcomers. If you're new probably should read the previous chapters to get be in the know of what's happening. As always constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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