Athwart a barren region coasted a rhythmic interlace in epoch
Names without faces remain on ignominy
Cataclysm twists sinister channels

Cosmo struck fare ascends poignant pardons
For in the rough terrain of a man’s heart tragedy blossoms
Destiny clasps wrangled nerves

Ravished trenches spoil hopes
Shifted dilemmas harvest justice with tainted interests
And forever after lives casual insult 

Cosmo clusters glisten across rusted moon beams
While gazing up at a evening star reminds pain of its fault
And summer's promises come to a battered close
Time shatters against the wind
As tears fall down her face
Neither here nor now
There seems to be no one around
Whom can be called a friend?
What can be done
About this stranger bruising my resolve
When high tides come crashing done
And I drown in my own boiling rage
Following in his footsteps
I am attracted to a gun

A faded moon glided through infinite space
Upon a season life segments break
Black and white numbers filter through
Theories waste away
As fabrics tear cosmos
Behind them sparkles anticipation
Weaves of tomorrow forsake the dead
Soon will be my time to sleep among them
It will come to each and one of us
One day at a time
Every hour
Every minute
Until none of us are left

From resentful lips surges censure
While words spear a dire self-worth
And a one-dimensional state of mind scowls
Covetousness decline into unsophisticated flesh
Still as eyes scour
Time ebbs away
Thoughts play with fate
In a dangerous game
Where no one is safe
And harsh tongues lash out

Majestic atonement stales in your veins
Love is a word rotting in your throat
From what star does manners elude?
Perhaps the one in your eye
Services grand delight
In watching others whimper

The clock strikes midnight
All envious thoughts must be laid to rest
For tomorrow is a new day
To toy with words