Never love A wrong girl,  part-1

Never love A wrong girl, part-1

A Story by ravi

Raghav simple and kind of emotional guy, fall in love with a girl in his college, but his fate was not with him.


Chapter 1

Raghav was in the office when his mobile vibrates. It was Deepti’s WhatsApp text, “Need to talk, waiting in lobby”.

They did not talk with each other for two months. They were in relationship but when one day Raghav saw Deepti hugging and kissing his best friend Karan at the metro station he broke down.

Raghav was a normal looking boy, who mostly were crisp and perfectly ironed shirts and trousers that help him to make gentler, he did not allow anyone to enter in his life very easily after the first breakup with Sheetal before 3 years. Sheetal was the first love of his life, it was Raghav’s first year of graduation when he saw Sheetal first time, when She was in the group of most studious girls of the college.

Raghav fall in love with her in his first sight, fair complexion, long black hair, golden earing she was the girl that every boy dreamed about. She was in black kurti when Raghav saw her first time.

With the help of a common friend they both start dating and soon she also starts liking him.

After the one month of friendship Raghav purposed Sheetal in front of many students in canteen and she accepted his proposal. People use to say they look perfect with each other, they use to share each and everything thing whatever happed in their life. His morning starts with the good morning text for Sheetal and ends with Goodnight text, they talked with each other for late nights on phone beside staying together in college.

Raghav just not love her he was mad about her, he can’t imagine his life without Sheetal, now she was the oxygen for him but soon Sheetal behavior towards him starts changing, now she did not talk with him like older days and when he asked about the reason, She use to say it’s our last year we need to be serious now, our exams is going to happen in some months.

Raghav agreed with him because she was right. Raghav make a time table for both of them like when they talk, when they meet, when they study everything was scheduled. After doing some changes she agreed to go according schedule.

Raghav use to follow time table very seriously but Sheetal did not. This makes him very angry but he never said anything to her.

After 1 month situation gets worst, one day Raghav’s phone rang at 7 in morning he was sleeping he hang up the call, Sheetal was on the other makes him very happy because after many days she was doing something crazy and unexpected thing like old days.

“what are you doing?”, she asked.

“Sleeping, you?”, he replied, his eyes were still closed.

“I want to meet, need to tell you something” she said.

“Ok, I’ll pick you at 12, be ready”


He was waiting for road on the road, when he saw her at some distance.

He was looking very pretty today, she was in black tees and blue girl is looking dam sexy, he thought.

“You are looking super sexy”, he praised and gave a naughty smile.

She smiled a little but in a second she makes his emotionless face again.

I’m kind of hungry, I am going to order food here, what will you like to have?

“nothing”, she refused.

He waved down the waiter. He placed his order an American chop suey and a hot coffee for her.

She frowned to him but he smiled.

Raghav, can you be a little serious now? I want to tell you something.

“Yes, I am listening”, he said.

He was looking very happy today because after many days his Sheetal was with him but she was a bit irritated and annoyed.

Sheetal looked him and said, “I love someone else”.

Raghav was listing her with a bright smile but after listing her words his smile disappeared.

He was shocked.

“Your order sir”, said waiter.

Raghav looked towards the waiter but did not said anything.

waiter placed food on the table, silently. It looks like he smelled the tension in between both of them.

“His name is Ranveer, you know him, he is our college president.”

He was not saying anything. He was looking straight into the eyes he loved the most in his life suddenly tears roll down from his eyes.

He was a very innocent type of person who never thought the it can also happen with him.

People was watching him.

“Why”? finally he asked.

I’m not able to answer of your why, but on my birthday, he asked me to go for on a date with him I don’t want to go with him but he was very gentle towards me so I agreed.

We were together for 4 hours, we go on a long drive in his car than he celebrates my birthday in a 5-star hotel with some mutual friends, then he dropped me and hugged me.

I don’t know why but when I was with him I was feeling like I am a princess, no one never treated me like he does, I forget everything when I was with him, even you.

Soon we start meeting and talking a lot on phone. And fall in love with him too.

He purposed me before a week and I accept it, I was feeling bad for you so I thought I should to tell you everything.

Raghav pick his keys from the table, place a note of 500 in menu card and leave the place.

He was totally silent. His lips glued with each other.

He was not crying today like he used to do.

© 2017 ravi

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Added on May 28, 2017
Last Updated on May 28, 2017
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