Never love A wrong girl,  part-2

Never love A wrong girl, part-2

A Poem by ravi

Raghav was broke down, his friend tried to change him but all was vain, then deepti enters in his life.


         Never Love a Wrong Girl




Break-up with Sheetal broke him totally. His mental condition was worst, he can’t sleep at nights, he was hospitalized for a month because of depression.  

After the day when Sheetal told him that she is in relationship with the president of their college everything is changed in between them. Sheetal never called him after that day nor he. But it makes him a gentle Devdas, who don’t drink. He used to think about her whole day and nights. In a second he starts laughing a lot and in other he starts sobbing like a little kid.

His friends start thinking he’s gone mad, many of them also suggest him to go to mental asylum for always, he used to smile after listening this and says that I’ll when I can’t handle me but for now I can.

Now he never smiles, he never goes anywhere with his friends, he used to be alone in his room and reads the old chats. He has a strong belief that one day she’ll come to him again and they’ll again be the perfect couple of the college.

It happens when we don’t want to leave someone we thought that one day they’ll come, but our minds know they’ll never ever look back towards us.

 Sanjay his best friend and room partner who studies with him knows everything about him.

He is the boy who respects girls until girls didn’t get in his bed, he did not believe in the theory for love.

For him girls are a thing to use and he was a specialist in the subject of girls, basically he was just opposite of Raghav. Raghav who really respect girls and never thought to bitrate them lived with Sanjay who respects girls for his own selfish purpose.  


But still they were best friend.

Sanjay gave his suggestion many times that he should not be mad in the love Sheetal, when he was in the relationship with her, then he didn’t take his words seriously but now he thinks whatever he said was right.

He beliefs in karma a lot, but when he saw Sanjay his belief starts fading. He also tries to be like him. To show off in college that he’s not a loser, he was not brave enough, so he thought that his first target will be the girls of Facebook.

For practice, it’s a safe and easy place to talk with girls.

First of all, he makes his profile attractive, for this he changed his profile, cover, and edit some details, like his hobby is playing pool while he never be in pool parlor.

Now he starts sending request to random girls to full fill his emptiness some girls accept his friend request some didn’t but in the ocean of people in Facebook he didn’t find a single girl who can fill his emptiness, soon he deactivates his fb account. 

     Sanjay tries to make him like himself but Raghav never changed, he was still as old Raghav.    

It was his last years of graduation and final exams is going to be held in some days, he was waiting for these days for so long because he wants to leave the city where he has a lot of memories of her that makes him sad whenever he takes some visits the places where they both spend hours with each other.

After one years

Raghav wanted to do M.B.A so joins a coaching in New Delhi, he feels better here, here he was away from the memories of her. He rent here a 2 Bhk flat after all he is the only son of upper middle class family, it was not very big deal for him. In M.B.A classes he meets a boy named Kunal who was also an outsider, New in Delhi, Kunal was like Raghav’s second copy but he can make food better than him so Raghav give him an offer that he can live in his flat and in return he will make meal for him. Kunal liked the offer and he shifted in Raghav’s flat.

It’s had been 3 month of the classes, the bounding in between both of them was like brothers, now after the Sanjay, Kunal was the boy who knows everything about him. Raghav trust him a lot and he knows that he’ll never bitrate him. 

“I think she likes you”, said Kunal when Raghav was wearing his smelling shocks.

“Huuh, what??”, he responds.

“Deepti, the way she looks you, I think she has a crush on you?”, said and smiled.

“Are all the boys of Delhi dead? She’ll has a crush on me?? please! And finish your tea fast, we are getting late.” He said and chuckled.

They were heading towards Kalka Devi, Raghav got a seat in metro and Kunal was standing with the support of a shining metal rod, he was staring Raghav.

“What??”, Raghav gestured.

“You should talk to her, she’s dam hot??” he leans down and whispered.

“Will you shut your f*****g mouth or not?”, Raghav scolded him in slow voice, he was a bit irritated now.

“F**k you” said Kunal and stand back again.

After some minutes they were in class, teacher was teaching them, everyone was listening him with all their attention they have in their mind.  

Someone who was behind Raghav passed him a small piece of paper, Raghav didn’t look behind but start reading that piece of paper.

“Hi?”, Raghav reads and turned.

Deepti was there.

Kunal who was just two chairs away from him, looked his nervous face and asked “what happened”?

“Nothing”, Raghav nodded his head.

In a minute, he gets another chit.

“I am Deepti. J. You??”, was written on the paper from gel blue pen.

Raghav think for a minute then write on the paper.

“I am Raghav J “and passed to her.  

And a conversation starts in between both of them.

He doesn’t know why but was feeling happy when he was talking No actually lettering to her or maybe it’s because of her nature.

After 40 minutes’ class ends, Raghav packed his bag and turned toward her to said a formal hello! but_ _ _ she was not there.

Before Raghav can think more about it Kunal disturbed him.

“Hi, what happened? why are you looking so surprised and why are you sweating this much?”

Raghav touched his forehead with his palm and he can feel thick drops of swat.

“Nothing! Let’s move?”, he said and they leave.

Raghav was confused, whatever happed today with him was real or it was just his imagination but how it can’t be his imagination because he was writing on paper by his hand.

He was fighting with his thoughts that makes his mind restless. So he played an old song of Lata Mangeskar

 “lag ja gale, ki kal ye hasi raat ho na ho

shyed is janam mai mulakat ho na ho

Hamko mili hai aaj ye ghadiya nasib se

Kal aapke naseeb mai ye raat ho na ho”

He switched off the lights, slow down the volume and closed his eyes.

He was not only feeling the words or I would say the emotions of the song but he was in so deep that he can sense the breath of Lata Mangeskar. 

But a small tone of notification spoiled his mood.

He punches his password and what he saw that he got a WhatsApp message from an unknown number.

“Raghav?” from the other side.

“Yes. Who?” he replied.


Raghav was shocked, he thought why is she texting me now? After spoiling my life, Is she want to spoil my life again? I will not let her do this again or Is she want to say sorry or her bf leave her. Thousands of thoughts exploded in his mind. 

 Will be continued…

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© 2017 ravi

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Added on May 28, 2017
Last Updated on May 28, 2017
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