2: Business is Picking Up

2: Business is Picking Up

A Chapter by Rawhide

2: Business is Picking Up



The deputy and the doctor ran towards the entrance. Stumbling toward them was a man that looked like he was on the fast track to DOA. His torso was bare revealing a gaping hole in his chest. A crimson path ran from his chest, down his stomach, and soaked his pants all the way to his bare feet. He left a sliding trail of bloody footprints as he walked. His arms hung limply at his sides and did not swing as he walked. His face was pale. His eyes empty but alert. His blue-tinged lips hung open.


Unlike the first DOA, this new patient seemed to be more alert than the first. His eyes were glassy, but he was clearly watching everyone around him. They were able to get him onto a gurney and strap him down.


David noticed that the deputy had forgone his facade of experience and now stood in the corner of the exam room with his hand on his gun. The nurse noticed too and whispered, "You know you're in trouble when even the cops are scared."


There was a short flurry of activity, but it didn't take David long to realize that his initial assessment was wrong. The new patient was already DOA. There was no bleeding to stop as there was none in the man's body. The flow from his chest had stopped long before he walked into the hospital.


The dead man eyes moved from the nurse to the doctor and back to the nurse. As they examined him, his movements became slower and slower until the only movements were his eyes. These slowed too. He soon seemed to only react to big movements. David wondered if the man was still aware of what was going on or was it just reflexes caused by the last few synapses in his brain firing. The man's eyes rolled back to David. He decided to tell him just in case, "I'm sorry, but we couldn't help you. You were already dead."


The man looked at the doctor for several seconds. Maybe he understood what the doctor told him or maybe the synapses just stopped firing. His eyes closed, and he lay motionless.


David told Deputy Saunders that the man was dead. Finally, completely dead. The policeman leaned over the body and looked at his face. The dead man's eyes jerked open, and his body thrashed hard. The policeman jumped back his hand instinctively going to his gun. The man's back arched up off of the table as high the straps would allow.


The nurse instictively got a dosage of Ativan for the doctor. David took the dose but did not inject it. The nurse and deputy looked at David to see what he was going to do.


David considered holding it back. Without blood to circulate it to the man's brain, how will it help? When the convulsing continued, he put his wait down on the man's leg and shot it into his thigh. Within a few seconds, he slowed down and eventually stopped moving.


The deputy finally spoke, "God damn, I don't believe it. What the hell is going on, Doc? This is some real black magic voodoo s**t."


David corrected, "Hoodoo."


The deputy asked, "Who do what?"


"No, hoodoo," The doctor said. "Voodoo is white magic. Black magic is called hoodoo."


The policeman's face was turning red. He wasn't used to dealing with this much stress, and it was starting to show. He burst out, "Whatever you call it, it's not normal. There is something unnatural going on, and I don't like it one bit. He's a f*****g zombie!"


David said, "I don't know what it is, deputy. For now, zombie is as good of a word as any other."


The deputy pulled his gun, put it against the DOA's head, and said, "I should make sure this guy stays down."


Before the doctor could say anything, the patients eyes opened and his hand shot up. He struggled briefly against the strap, and the strap came free. He grabbed the deputy's hand, and he dropped his gun. The deputy struggled against the man's grip and fell to the floor when he pulled free.


The deputy had landed next to his dropped gun, and he picked it up and fired hitting the only target he could see from his spot on the floor. The bullet shattered the top of the man's head as it entered. The front of the man's forehead exploded out spraying blood and other matter into the air. It splattered the ceiling, floor, and wall.


The man's leg stiffened and twitched for a split second before dropping limp. A loud groan gurgled up from his throat. It sounded angry. It sounded hungry. Then there was nothing. The man moved no more.

© 2010 Rawhide

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