3 A.M. Chapter 1

3 A.M. Chapter 1

A Story by RayLynn

2 months earlier

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Katie.” Tommy slides a little black box across the table to me, and I suddenly feel like I’m going to be sick. I start breathing hard and my mind weaves it’s way back through the memories of the last four months. I knew we’d been getting closer and more serious, but a proposal? Now? We’ve been talking about taking our relationship to the next level, but this is insane.

I feel the walls closing in on me, like giant claws beginning to crush my body. I look around the restaurant at the other customers and every happy couple seems to mock me.

“I have what you never will, Katie,” the woman in the red dress with the diamond ring seems to whisper.

“You’re too wild for a real relationship with him,” the man sitting across from her conveys with his eyes.

I look down at the table, staring at my half-eaten food. The world seems fuzzy and the outline of the light from the candle shifts and sways with every glance I take. I clasp my hands together really tight, as if that small of a grasp can stop the reeling in my head. I hold my hands tighter together and I realize my palms are getting clammy. Oh God, now my hands are sweating?

This can’t be happening right now. This really is happening. Oh my God. I shouldn’t be nervous, it’s only the rest of my life, right? I hope Tommy doesn’t notice my hands. I sneak a glance at him and realize that he’s too busy talking to even notice.

Wait, he’s talking?! Oh God, what’s he even saying? I can’t focus. I see his lips moving and his eyes staring into mine, but I can’t hear a single word. I catch bits and pieces and realize he’s talking about our relationship together. I close my eyes and try to focus harder. Suddenly all the sounds rush in at once and even the smallest of them seem huge in my ears.

“And I know we’re not serious yet, but I saw this and thought you’d like it.” Tommy pushes the box towards me again, but I let it sit on the table in front of me. I think back through the past two weeks since we’d started saying the L-word. Did I drop any hints without meaning to? I really like him and I do love him, but a marriage proposal after only four months? He must be crazy.

“Katie?” Andrew puts one of his hands over mine and tries to meet my eyes. I look up at him and see concern laced in his blue irises. “Please take the box, babe.”

I slide it closer to me, then tentatively take it in one of my palms.

I can do this. Just open the box. Oh man, I can’t do this. What if I open it and I’m met with the shining brightness of the candlelight reflecting off a diamond?

I have to take that chance. He’s waiting. Oh God. Just open the damn box.

I take a quick breath, turn my head away, and fling open the top half of the box.

I slowly open my eyes, fearing what might be nestled inside the box. I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize it’s just a necklace. I mean, it is a diamond, but it’s not a ring.

I laugh lightly and cover my mouth with one hand as I cry tears of joy. The necklace is so beautiful and I couldn’t imagine a better gift for Valentine’s Day.

“I love it, Tommy. Thank you.” I lean across the table and kiss him. Then he stands up and walks around behind me to clasp the string of diamonds around my neck.

© 2017 RayLynn

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