The Crossroads

The Crossroads

A Poem by RayLynn

I'm standing at the crossroads

Neither here nor there

But rather, caught somewhere in between

On the first path is discrimination and degradation with high prestige as the ultimate prize

On the other is acceptance and camaraderie but with only a degree as the end goal

so which do I choose when I have everything to lose?

Do I put my life on the line and defy all odds?

Or do I play it safe and win the game just the same?

Is there some rule book of life I've missed out on all these years or am I left here at the crossroads with nothing but a broken heart and mind?

These questions rattle around my brain, shattering my skull from the inside out

The crossroads, the crossroads, the crossroads

How did I even end up here?

By what unfortunate events have I landed myself in this position, struggling to decide between two separate places

How did my life take such a miserable turn?

Or did it even turn at all?

Perhaps my life has been this jumbled the whole time and the girl I saw in the mirror was merely an illusion created by my mind to tell me that I was fine

Maybe my past got the better of me

The black demon racing behind me all this time has finally caught up and shoved me to the ground with my face in the dirt, pressing me so far down I've dug myself 6 feet under the ground

So what do I do?

Standing at the crossroads, I repeat this over and over and over again as if by some miracle the answer will come to me and I'll know what's right

Do I stay or do I go?

How the hell do I decide?

How can I leave this world behind, or better yet, how can I stay when it's corruption blackens every event which takes place?

Yes, I'm standing at the crossroads and perhaps that's where I'm destined to stay

© 2017 RayLynn

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Your poem is proof that honesty can be interesting.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 7, 2017
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Superior, WI

I'm a college freshman who loves being outdoors, dancing, reading, singing, and spending time with friends. I plan on being an author in addition to being a doctor of psychology some day. more..

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