My Angel

My Angel

A Chapter by Robin

My Cat


I have cat, and we have a connection , one of those rare meant to be type of meetings , my feline soulmate if you will. 

She originally  belonged to an ex -girlfriend I lived with and when I first met them, this cat ( along with the 3 other cats and a huge black lab ) ruled her kingdom with a quick paw . she was aloof , but so beautiful  .  I tried petting her , but she would run away - not to be touched and everyone in the house , except me , called her the "b***h" .  her name was Angel .

She ruled the house , she had her own food bowl , and a special litter box that was completely covered . She even knew how to put that Lab into her place .

One day I called her and she jumped into my lap and gave me that look, like well here I am , do something to make me happy . So, I began to scratch her ears , she loved it !  I found her secret spot and she began to purrr and purr , arching her back , stretching into her toes , enjoying the moment . Her grandson saw this and ran over , heard her purring away like a little motor boat that all cats do , and  proclaimed , MAAAA ! Angel ! She is Purrrr-ing , they all ran over and you would have thought I had pulled Excalibur from the stone , NO ONE had heard Angel purr - ever, and they all stood there chattering, "she is sitting in his lap, she is so happy, this is amazing" .  While as I was away at work, it was told that she would sleep on whatever piece of clothing I had in her reach, sometimes pulling clothes off the freshly done laundry to curl up in , much to the dismay of my Ex .

     When we broke up and I left , the cat went nuts , tearing up her house and furniture , I was given the ultimatum , come and get her or she was headed to the pound , I went and picked her up and immediately she began a relationship with my Mum becoming her Angel . She stills seeks her favorite T-shirt to sleep on, and has the house to herself and since she has lived happily ever after.  

© 2010 Robin

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i looooooove this!!!!!! :)) looks like she that relationship was meant to be!

Posted 7 Years Ago

:D well, i'm fonder of dogs than of cats, but this story really made me smile :):)

Posted 7 Years Ago

It seems that "soulmates" is exactly what you two are. You and my oldest sister would hit it off. (She's the world's biggest cat-lover)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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that's just brilliant..I have a cat just like her..wasn't mine either, chose me to..he would follow me to toddler group wait outside for three hours and walk me home..he is so special. I so know that bond made all the more special because you never own a have relationship with them..piss them off and they move out!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago


dogs be bone chompin'
knee humpin'
crotch sniffin' loverups
but cats
they be showing you
theys little pink a*s hole
like theys sees
out the f****n' thing

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I LOVE it!~ cats definetly know what they want and know how to get it!~ what a delight!~ and people are always of the thought that cats are aloof and don't bond which is hogwash~ they are just more discerning and pick their people much more carefully than canines~ =)~

Posted 8 Years Ago

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