A Poem by Livana Lowell

a poem about a friend

I hear prison bars in your words
as you pour onto my ears
what's going on in your world.
I grasp the steel poles
my fingers trembling
at the hate, like coals,
burning through your voice
I want to reach you, but I can't
I am held back by your choice
You won't look me in the eyes
full of grief and desires to save you
as you rest easy on dying inside
You straighten your cell
with booze and weed
and a brimstone smell.
I release the bars
as you professedly insist
you like the way you are
Who am I to say anything, how dare
I tell you the right way to cope with life
You are right; I'm sorry I care

© 2017 Livana Lowell

Author's Note

Livana Lowell
all comments and criticisms welcome.

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A good concept, like he is in a prison of his own making, perhaps it is in his very mind. The fact that he drowns his sorrow with alcohol and drugs is sadly heartbreaking.

I have several friends whom have gone through stuff like this and I couldn't reach them nor help them in a meaningful way. Sometimes you just can't do a thing for them and it's horrible because you can see the guilt, anger, remorse and sadness eating away at them. So they indulge themselves with booze and hard drugs in a futile attempt to temporarily numb themselves of their emotional pain.

A good poem that is accurate and heartfelt in its near hopelessness of not being able to help a friend. The overall concept in this poem is very effective and extremely poignant and there is a certain amount of bitterness I detect in this.

I think this is an amazingly well-crafted and well-thought out poem.

Good work, Livana!

Posted 1 Week Ago

He is a victim and you just want to save him from himself so he does on tear himself to bits. Your praying for his better side to come out thank God he has a friend who cares as much as You Do.

Posted 1 Week Ago

I really really like this poem.

The structure is easy flow and the depth sparks a questioning fire in my mind. I want to know more but I feel I know enough kind of feeling.

Well done.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Wow.. I love this. the way that feeling of helplessness i so beautifully explained in words.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Self confinement - imprisoning the mind - is such a waste. Often the very help they need, the help they know they need and that we can see they need is the very thing they recoil from because it means having to step out of the bubble they meticulously created - and what if they can't cope - then the bubble will be gone AND they will be at the mercy of Life. No, better the devil they know despite the hurt that such a choice can inflict upon those who love them.
A really sad write - helpless - never a poem was more apt Jazz Lover.

Posted 1 Month Ago

first of all, yes...sometimes we want to apologize for caring...especially when the subject refuses to help him or herself...
we can only give support and a resting place for those who are killing themselves with booze or drugs or whatever...

but that person has to take the first step up!

really strong piece, Jazz.


Posted 1 Month Ago

Wow, just wow. I have to credit for you defining one aspect of human failure, and the relate able topic you bring up because I have been in that situation. Of course, I don't know if this is contemporary for you, to give you advice, but in the end, you will have to let go of the bars.
I've had to do that recently with a friend of mine, he kept messing up and I tried to rear him right, but he didn't want it, so I let go and it actually feels good because my stress for him is gone.
I like how this whole idea is driven by the picture of a prison cell and you being outside the cell. Their "happiness" is only trapping their true happiness and potential and while you try to tell them that, they want to keep being trapped in their own illusions of happiness.

You can do only do so much for someone, but there comes a time to stand out their way.

Posted 1 Month Ago

It is next to impossible to reach into the heart and soul of one who "thinks" he is happy killing himself. I know this for a full blown fact, Jazz Lover, I was that man during two terrible decades of my life. I wish you luck with him, but there comes a point when you will have to walk away.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Story-line and imagery are well done.

I feel for this piece. In the present.


Posted 1 Month Ago

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