Let It Out

Let It Out

A Poem by Timothy Ryan

For the love of God
Let it out, man!

Don't hesitate
When the moment is in front of you
Don't take a step back
When you see how far you could fall out of your comfort zone
Don't bit your tongue
When you have a second thought
Don't wait to be pushed to the edge of a cliff
Before you make a sound
Don't wait
Don't wait
Don't wait!

We've been there too many times before
Standing on the other side of the door
After opportunity knocks
Then slams it shut
Wishing we had said "Hello"

We've waited to be discovered
Hiding under the depths of daily life
People uncovering the treasures of who we are inside
Seeing the real us
What a find it would be!

If they only knew what you could do
Everything you're capable of
I think they'd see the originality in your thoughts
I bet they'd laugh at your jokes
I'm sure they'd love what they saw
I know you have it inside of you

For Christ's sake
Let it out, man!

Have faith
To eat your words
To get rejected
To feel failure
To have your best made plans fall to s**t
To fall flat on your face
And still be fine afterward

Don't hold back
You'll want to run
You'll want to hide
You'll want to crawl away
But stand on your own two feet

I'm gonna go f*****g nuts

Don't hold yourself hostage
Don't cage your desires
Open the door
And see what's out there
Greet the world with your dick hanging out
And let them know what you're all about

Turn the radio up
All the way
Let it rattle your bones
Let it shake your soul
Sing along
At the top of your lungs
Until they collapse

Run as fast as you can
Through the fields of the wild
Catch what you hunger for
And tear the flesh off of it
Don't be ashamed of how you come across
Roar louder than the lions
And let it be known
Who you really are

So, please
For the love of God
Don't hold it in.

© 2016 Timothy Ryan

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I dig it. I'm assuming it's actually a song?
Very cohesive.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Timothy Ryan

2 Years Ago

Awesome. It's not a song. Just something I wrote. Wasn't sure what to call it, so I just put it as p.. read more

2 Years Ago

:) any time.

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1 Review
Added on June 25, 2016
Last Updated on June 29, 2016


Timothy Ryan
Timothy Ryan


A self-taught, soulful degenerate who puts life into words. IG @timothyryan1990 more..

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