Winter Flower

Winter Flower

A Poem by Aehr

Lovers die entangled
In fond loveliness,
Stories that I read-
My tears dampen the emptiness
Of the white pages
Of the notebook I fill
Ere I slumber every night,
Ere tiredness I kill.

Oh, yet my heart sits rigid,
Icy in its chamber of bone
Love ricochets of my chest-
I'd rather be alone.
Freedom and solitude,
Over warmth and touches tender
I see fact more than meaning,
Never cherish memories, I simply remember.

I am not deserving of romance,
No, not my mechanical heart.
I see things as they are,
Truth as truth, art as art.
Solitude is what I desire,
Freedom is all I love and know
I am a winter flower,
Blossoming lonely in the snow.

© 2015 Aehr

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Solitude or peace in emptiness? Your words seem too soft to be in dream of solitude and it feels the caves in the heart. I too love the nature of solitude and my book I draw in keeps my caged into it- Also this computers. I see that you also say you're not deserving of romance- Life is a romance even when we aren't fully aware there is passion love (free love) Not just free sex but free love and you are just learning that so I wont go into much detail but I hope you find real peace.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I really love & relate to this message. The writing is solid & very imaginative in describing this state of mind & heart. I love "chamber of bone" (finally somebody writes something highly original when speaking of "hearts" & "love"!!!) as well as the next line with superb word choice: "ricochet". This poem paints the state of seeing things as they are, like it's not a good thing, like it's lacking. Frankly, I think this describes a realistic person instead of those with their heads in the clouds over love. My stand-out line: "Never cherish memories, I simply remember."

Posted 2 Years Ago

What a beautiful write. Your words are delicate. The last line really leaves the reader impressed and touched, a piece to keep in mind.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Sometimes I think solitude is really fear. Afraid of being hurt by someone who you love. I think that happens when you love someone who does not love you back. In life we have to take chances and
risks. Love is a risk. It can bring us such joy and also misery. But, if we find TRUE LOVE we can
never be happier. It is our reason for living. But, I am a winter flower as well. Blossoming lonely in the snow was a good last line. You used the word blossoming. Well someone will see this lonely flower and fall in love with him/her. Yes indeed.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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I always had this hunch that snow represents cold sadness somehow. With all the poems made to portray that very definition this is by far the darkest one I've read so far. What part you say? Well all of it for me, especially the first and last line. "Lovers die entangled" and "Blossoming lonely in the snow" does that mean there were two of you and you killed the other flower? with the line "I'd rather be alone"? Or have you no choice?

Another well done poem Rhea! (If I may) I do not mean to be rude, But could you explain why snow portrays cold sadness?

Posted 2 Years Ago

Amazing use of words.
"Truth as truth, art as art.
Solitude is what I desire,
Freedom is all I love and know
I am a winter flower,
Blossoming lonely in the snow."
The above lines can stand alone. You create place, thoughts and accepted. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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