A Poem by Aehr

"Fear me," I hear,
The words make me shiver.
Like a lone leaf on a lone tree
By a fast rain-fed river.
The spray of the spring,
The swiftness in the air,
My hands trembling and trying,
I scarcely dare.

"Fear me," I hear again,
Everywhere I go.
Every second, every season-
Heatwaves, rainstorms or snow.
A ghostly rustle of pages,
Dry-longing for ink,
To quench the endless emptiness,
Its thirst for words, I think.

"Fear me," once again,
And I fail to comprehend,
The way I feel the ice in her voice-
It makes my hair stand on one end.
"Fear me," she says,
As I look into the mirror.
My own lips speak the words,
My own fingers set aquiver.

© 2016 Aehr

Author's Note

We scare ourselves out of doing things. We let fear take control. A quick write with random words in rhyme. Comments are welcome. Have a good day/night x.

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fear comes and fear goes it needs some tears some tissues
a diary ice cream a chick movie a comforter and a good set of ears
to listen but when the rain finally stop sonething else happends

Posted 2 Years Ago

"Conquer it by facing it" Easier said than done, but you know its my life time goal to keep pushing you forward because that's what best friends are for! :*
On your writing - Rayz, you're fabulous with words, to make something as scary as that (it hell is, nothing is more haunting than our own demons screaming in our head) look so's not easy, its not something everyone can do and you spin your words like Arachne into a beautiful piece of art like this one, and trust me babe, Its so mesmerizing the way you write... it hits in all the right places. You are a wonderful writer! keep writing, forever and always!

Posted 2 Years Ago

found this fascinating to read. We are capable of scaring ourselves - some of the imagery here is wonderful, the fast rain fed river, spray of spring. Really like that. the rustle of pages dry longing for ink. All great lines in this piece.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Honest and direct poetry my friend.
"Fear me," she says,
As I look into the mirror.
My own lips speak the words,
My own fingers set aquiver. "
Sometime we decide the wrong decision because we fear the ending. Thank you Rhea for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 2 Years Ago

WHOA! This is really powerful & clear & imaginative & hard-hitting in its message. I love your sprinkling of nature references, I always relate to the power of nature, as if something outside ourselves is raining this curse down upon us (rather than it being something we are creating). The nature comparisons are woven in seamlessly & not excessive. I'm only for a judicious use of repetition, but "Fear me" is well done here, without it seeming too repetitive. This is what we writers mean when we repeat endlessly: SHOW, DON'T TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every line has well-crafted imagery, using fresh word choices, so your poem sounds original. Great job!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Aspiring for fearlessness

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