A new year ~ to spend loving You (longing)

A new year ~ to spend loving You (longing)

A Poem by Richard

Free Style: No set syllable-count per line, with intermittent rhymes throughout.


  A new year ~ to spend loving You


How sad it must be

for the cattails and pond,

when lovers who once strolled

are longingly gone;

when chill takes a’hold

on hot Summer nights,

haunting the places

they've loved-in

so long.

A memory caught

of moments e'er free ...

moonlit owls

soar quietly across

the heaven's dark night;

into stardust streams

woven like braids,

ever so tight.

By fortune they met,

tho' love drew them near ...

soft dove to nurse

with the lion.

The willow unfolds

her branches of gold,

while wishes

like ribbons

wove through her hair.

Another year's passed,

each season has gone,

feeling their lives

drifting away;

and, tho' once they were here,

so amazing (I know);

now it's harder

retracing their ways,

to bear loss of

soft words they spoke

deepest in care,

to recall the warmth

of soft, tender breath ...

and yes,

the night's much darker

these days.

Clouds now drift on by,

birds winging high,

they never

come down anymore,

to rest on a shoulder ...

sing gentle songs.



oh, how I miss now

thy sweet soothing voice

and apple green eyes.

Mental photographs,

scenes fade slowly, alas;

yet, my soul's deep memory

(it won't forget)

love's endearing,

fulfilling repast.

As the new year appears

new seasons come, too...

as with all our years

there comes a new vision,

a ne'er forgot portrait

of me wrapped-up,

inside of You ~

The pond and the willows,

tall cattails a'sway

longingly beckon,

"Come stroll me,

come share me your dreams."

Once again...

it's "A new year,

to spend loving You ~"

and my heart,

it trades its dark chills

for joy from your charms,

for the infinitely bright,


warmth of your arms.


                    Richard W. Jenkins


© 2016 Richard

Author's Note

Critical reviews are always welcome and appreciated. : )

I know … it's long, but when a pen's in the moment, it just seems to write on its own.

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'Soft dove coming to nurse with the lion'. What a beautiful image. Such tenderness and vulnerability here, and courage need for both. The flow of warm / cold, winter and summer gently rocks the reader. Natures loneliness personified is fantastic. Oh how I would love to stroll along the pond here.

Posted 1 Year Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Gosh, Jenn!
I must have really been a good boy to receive so many of your wonderful reviews, .. read more

1 Year Ago

Richard!! Oh my goodness, how your path has mirrored mine. As I approached my 40th birthday, I as d.. read more

1 Year Ago

Sharing with you, Jenn, is a wonderfully enlightened and growing blessing of joy, bonding, easy and .. read more


Your pen was indeed "in the moment", and so was my heart. However do you write like this? Perhaps it's your Welsh soul. ...whatever it is, it makes you an extraordinary poet, to me!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

It is the voice of my soul made visible in word you see before you, Kelly, dancing with the thrum of.. read more
A highly romantic piece with a mix of the dark fantasy and foreboding of the woods but in the end love that endures. Told in lovely descriptive verses that seem to come from the soul Richard.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Dear John,
Such from your poetic heart makes the efforts of my humble olde pen brightly, but .. read more

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From darkness I come to darkness I return, my life's a mere a spark in the night. "MY BLOGS" (click on Blog in the menu above).............................. 1) Reciting Vs Silent Reading 2) On Fr.. more..


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