Falling Tear (lovely regret)

Falling Tear (lovely regret)

A Poem by Richard

Free Verse Poetry


Falling Tear

~ peaceful ease ~

Last night
I dreamt ~

We strolled....
arm in arm
down lovely paths
running through
a beautiful forest,
morning's sunshine
warm upon us.

And, as we walked....
lilting birdsong
echoed among the trees,
squirrels everywhere
at gleeful play.

We were happy....
at peace,
and the world
was a soft,
loving place.

In every step....
we took together,
I could smell
your womanly essence,
as it blended,
earthy forest aroma.

Wildflowers' faces....
all in splendor,

as we strolled by.

And, we stopped....
just to watch sunglow
on the leaves,
in treetop splendor.

Your back....
against my chest,
my arms embraced around you,
your head nestled
upon my shoulder...
we looked upon
God's wonder.

And, I turned....
my head so slightly,
kissed your cheek softly,
and whispered,

"You are the loveliest of all God's creations.
We finally made it, didn't we?"

You gently sighed....
queezed my arms,
and whispered,
"Oh, Darling,
I would not trade the world
for this moment!"

And, I awoke....
with a gently
falling tear.

Richard W. Jenkins

© 2017 Richard

Author's Note

Well-intended critique is always welcome! : )

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Again your words lead readers right there with you, nicely done Sir. Its sad to see it end only as a dream. I’m glad to see you here Ive missed your touching words. Yours, Angel

Posted 1 Month Ago

'And, I awoke....
with a gently
falling tear.'

Such a lovely ending and beautiful free verse! This induced a sigh...
Love the softly sensual imagery here too. As always, beautiful work by you, Richard! :)

Posted 1 Month Ago

beautiful descriptions
but sadly
to awaken
smell the coffee

Posted 2 Months Ago

The last stanza expresses the truth which usually happens most of the time. All good scenes happen in dreams sometimes. I admire your wit and writing style, whenever I feel the need to get inspired to write, I read your poetry.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Beautifully sad words that touch me deeply. 😥

Posted 4 Months Ago

Your back....
against my chest,
my arms embraced around you,
your head nestled
upon my shoulder...

Wow Richard....this is such a beautiful painting of a poetry ..mmmm.... still lost in those words....

You never stop to amaze me :)

Posted 4 Months Ago

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This is the kind of poems that "hits" me deep! if You look and read it, there is nothing new with words (no offense is taking, I mean it good ), BUT the feeling... oh! that gentle peaceful feeling, that beautiful ease, that heavenly repose... that precious treasured soft tear finding the way from the core into the eye, You tenderly caress it inside each one of us, and I can feel it all slowly sweeping like gentle rain into my senses, I can, smell, imagine, see, feel... how deeply special is this wondrous poem... a gentle grace it is, a blissful dream turning into a blessing reality!

Posted 4 Months Ago

I spend more time crying over your poety dear Richard! This one more so.Did you step inside my dreams and pull this one out? Don't we all have those lovely regrets..want a do-over, or just a moment froozen in time.Your words are so beautiful and so real to me...melting ( again) stop turning me into mush you:-)..Heart-tugging Free Verse Richard.

Posted 4 Months Ago

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