A Poem by Rita L. Sev

It's my sickness...


Welcome, grammar students

and word nerds everywhere

today’s rant is on homophones ~

come, pull up a chair.


There is a different meaning

between words like wear and where;

don’t even get me started on

the trio: their/there/they’re


They are not interchangeable,

the words to, too and two

and you should always double check

using do, or due, or dew


Is it altar; maybe alter;

is the bread of rye or wry?

What do I shout to purchase stocks,

buy, or by, or bye?


An apostrophe in “it’s”

means “it  is”;  not possessive.

“Its” without shows ownership

(I know, I am obsessive!)


Your and you’re ~ another pair

with usage gone bizarre;

“your” means that you own it,

“you’re” is just “you  are”


If Mom gives you permission,

then you say you are allowed;

“aloud” means that you’re speaking ~

as in saying it out loud


There are so many homophones,

we could be (bee) here (hear) all night (knight).

Just promise you’ll be careful

when you sit down to write (right?)



© 2013 Rita L. Sev

Author's Note

Rita L. Sev
The pet peeve ravings of a lunatic... nothing to see here... ;)

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To be able to combine this number of homophones into a cohesive poem that still rhymes, made your "lunatic ravings" a great mad romp. Loved it!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Ah! Thank you so much for writing this! I cringe so many times at incorrect spelling and grammar usage in general, and have in so many cases had to stop and ask people what in the world they meant because they just don't make sense. Homophones are one of the worst problems, of course, because people nowadays tend to type like they talk and just assume that everyone will understand them. It's crazy!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

4 Years Ago

It is a never ending battle in y classroom to get the students to write academically, and not like t.. read more
I'm back. After raving about errors in the review I just posted, I noticed one of my own. In the last sentence, "posted" should, of course, be "posting." Mea culpa. Richard

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

Noticed - ;) But, even after all our ranting - nobody is perfect!
I, too, cringe at misspelled words and incorrect grammar. I have enough sense not to point them out in poems posted here, but (and I know this makes me both intolerant and snobbish) it does cause me to have a lower opinion of the writer.
Now that my rant is over, I very much enjoyed your poem. It is expertly rhymed and written. Another of your splendid poems, Rita.
Incidentally, I will be posted a poem ("Words are Weird") in a similar vein in about two weeks. I think you would enjoy it. Richard

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

Thanks, Rich - I feel the same way; unless I know a writer well here (or know that he or she would t.. read more
LOVE IT! So true! I especially like the stanzas on it's/its and your/ you're. Those are my pet peeves! A witty way to get your point across. This one's in my library!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

Thank you, Sharon! I think this is one I will have my students memorize this year... ;)
hahahahha...A nice lesson indeed, we could bee(be)hear(here) all night(knight) very very creative

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

:) Thanks, Cassie! Just felt like ranting in rhyme... ;)
Awesome work. A teacher's note :) loved this brilliant piece :) Saved to my library .

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

Thank you Anand. I'm going to make my students memorize this! :)
i think the bread is awry

oh no, i feel a rye smile coming on..

you know i appreciate this poem two much too describe in less than to words.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

*stifling a scream here*. Thanks, Jacob! :)
This is absolutely going into my favorites because you (ewe), my dear (deer), have just spelled out my entire reason for living, which (witch) as everyone knows (nose) is to edit the living s**t out of everything! xD

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

5 Years Ago

:) Thank you! I spend my life fixing grammar and spelling, whether people ask me to or not... Glad I.. read more

5 Years Ago

My absolute pleasure...We should form a support group *laugh*

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Rita L. Sev
Rita L. Sev

Philadelphia, PA

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE "FRIENDING" ME: I am happy to be sharing my poems (and occasional stories) and thrilled to be reading fellow authors. About Friend Requests - It is wise to READ some of .. more..

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A Poem by Rita L. Sev

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