American Eagle

American Eagle

A Poem by Rita L. Sev



American Eagle

Imbalance has me grounded

I’m no longer geared for flight ~

To fly I need two steady wings,

But mine are in a fight


My right wing’s far too rigid,

Can’t take the winds of change

My left wing’s loosey-goosey,

A reach that’s really strange


I wonder if it’s wingspan ~

So far, from edge to edge

That each side hears only itself

As both proclaim the Pledge


I’m praying for a miracle

To end this inner war

When right and left find balance,

I’ll finally get to soar










© 2016 Rita L. Sev

Author's Note

Rita L. Sev
Not much has been coming to me these days, but all the political nonsense has "inspired" me today...

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There's too much political conflict everywhere in the world. They're too busy blaming and verbally stabbing each other in Australia too instead of caring for the good of the community and the well-being of the people. We can be thankful we're not in a country where they shoot each other instead of argue

Posted 2 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

2 Years Ago

I suppose we should be thankful... but it's a pretty sorry state as it is.
This comment has been deleted by the poster.

2 Years Ago

Yes it is and it doesn't seem like there is any change for the better approaching.
Sage. Perhaps if we learned to take what is presented with the media with some restraint and not chomp at the bait to jump to defend a side and attack the other, we would would fly a little better. As this powerful metaphor illustrates, two wings are needed for flight.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

2 Years Ago

Thank you, Pryde!
and this is so spot on....the dems and the reps..are just driving us all crazy with their agendas..and political fighting...not thinking of the country at all..

really bad in illinois...the in-fighting...people are being laid off at all the colleges....big big cuts and yet the two sides can't get together to hash out a budget because one side insists on staying on vacation...

boy do i feel this one right well glad you are back.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

2 Years Ago

Thank you, Jacob. Turning on the TV has become a depressing act. I don't pretend to understand poli.. read more

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Rita L. Sev
Rita L. Sev

Philadelphia, PA

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE "FRIENDING" ME: I am happy to be sharing my poems (and occasional stories) and thrilled to be reading fellow authors. About Friend Requests - It is wise to READ some of .. more..

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A Poem by Rita L. Sev

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