My Worst Nightmare.

My Worst Nightmare.

A Story by WriderParker

For Horrormasters group of nightmares. This is a true story of a nightmare I had while at my Grandparents house.

As I laid in bed getting ready for a good nights sleep, I give my grandmother one last hug goodnight. I soon close my eyes and drift into a deep sleep. I awake in my sub conscience, hands tied by leather straps in a dental seat. Looking around the all white room I start to freak out.
"Where am I!?" I yell. I get no answer and hear only my voice echo in the vastly bright room. The light becomes more and more intense hurting my eyes until finally the room goes dark. I cry out in pain, my eyes watering from the sudden change. Even though it was dark I could see a figure walking towards me.
"Hello?" I cry out shacking in my bonds. The Man gives no answer, but the closer he got the uglier he became. His skin was burnt, smelled of Sulfur, had razor sharp teeth, and maggots crawled on his face. 
"You better stop!" he said laughing at me.
"Stop what?" my eyes wide and filled with fear.  I was so terrified that any plea for help I tired to make only came out silent. 
"Stop being a f--king light to others!" he growled, showing his teeth. Blood ran down his frown.
"What are you talking about!?" I asked, pulling on my restraints trying not to gaze at the man. The Man gave no answer but pulled out a pair of pilers. I started crying only thinking of what he was going to do. I tired to speak but nothing make out my mouth. Tears running down my cheeks. The Man grabbed my chin and squeezed my cheeks laughing. My attempts to escape were futile as he forced my jaw open. He placed the pilers in my mouth and started yanking out tooth after tooth after tooth. I cried tears rolling down my cheeks and could feel the blood from my mouth dripping on my chest. I knew it was a nightmare and I tried waking myself up. The Man's laughter become more insane with each tooth pulled. I again I tried to wake myself up feeling my eyes open to the real world.
"No no i'm not done with you yet, Ryder!" he said laughing. Finally I let out a scream into the real world and my Grandparents come rushing in. My Grandmother wakes me up and I sit straight on the bed in a cold sweat. I tell my Grandparents of the nightmare and my grandfather assures me that everything is alright now. My Grandmother's loving eyes look at me and she kisses my forehead.
"Lets pray sweetheart." she says bowing her head. I Bow my head and pray with her including my own words every few lines. I lay my head down and was able to rest easy again. The Demon defeated by the faith of a Child.

© 2010 WriderParker

Author's Note

Don't worry about grammar i'm going to be taking classes soon so i'll work on it later. Just tell me what you thought of the story.

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" His skin was burnt, smelled of Sulfur, had razor sharp teeth, and maggots crawled on his face"
sounds gross..i like it. very nightmare-ish

Posted 8 Years Ago

it's all about pain and blood, was something actually going on with your mouth?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Amazing story, you should add that in my group. I loved torture in this story. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great story man, good to know about those crazy dreams, I've had bad dreams where people would try to kill me, but I always got away lol
never die in dreams. lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

Story is very good. I'm glad I never had these kind of dreams. The story flowed perfect and tell a very good story. Remind of those Hostel type movies. A very good story. Thank you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a good story. Outside of grammar courses another suggestion, and this works right along with the courses, is to read a lot. If you plan to write horror, read horror, if plan to write sci-fi, read sci-fi, and so on. A lot of what you learn in class, combined with the reading, will sink in. One of my fav books on the craft of writing is "On Writing" by Stephen King. Very informative book.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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