Toy Box

Toy Box

A Story by 914

I remember visiting my grandmothers home just about every other week or so when I was just a young boy.
It was always a thrill to visit grandma for a couple of hours or even spend the night as our parents made a weekend getaway. 
Now after the hugs and how we've grown so much since the last time we've visited and oh yes, the cookies of course my little sis and I made our way to the back room where this big wooden toy box was placed.
Now these were not your ordinary toys, these were toys our grandma use to play with and her siblings too. I imagined there was about every tinker toy and doll you could of imagine and some warned down to the paint and metal too. 
I guess we must have played for hours on end dividing the room up to boys side and girls side with a chalk line running straight down the center of the room.
I'd always pick out the tin soldiers of red and blue and my little sis would played with this ballerina that spun around in a little wooden box filled with mirrors all around.
This big wooden toy box was huge by anyone's standards and deep inside too. We would keep discovering new toys every time we came over to visit grandma.
Well we grew up and the years caught up with  grandma , God rest her soul and now this big wooden toy box stays at my mothers' house .
My little sis and I are all grown up now and have kids of our own and yes we take them over to see their grandma on the weekends and mom gives the kids  hugs and kisses and tells them how much they grown so much and cookies of course as they make their way to the back room to play where this big wooden toy box is placed .
I guess this big wooden toy box will be in our home one day
and I'm sure looking forward to it ......THANKS GRANDMA FOR KEEPING THE MEMORIES ALIVE.....

© 2016 914

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This is a very sweet story. I think every grandma has a toy box like this. :)
Very charming. I think you might proof read for punctuation and spelling but otherwise this is super. Really makes me feel good remembering those days.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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