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In the big city it's very crucial to find a good restaurant that is convenient to where your job is .I always like a fresh hot cup of coffee in the morning before I go to work and clock in and to have enough time for lunch at noon to relax too. Now I come   into contact with so many people and its hard trying to remember names that go with faces in this big city but I've been coming here to the corner diner for about the past 3 years now and I've noticed this gentleman sitting in this same booth that looks out on to these  busy streets sitting all alone during the holidays for those 3 same years. It's Christmas Eve and I just got off work and before I make it home I'm gonna stop in to have a hot cup f coffee with my waitress friend named Florence. So I asked Florence not to be nosy but what's his story as I nodded in the direction of this man sitting alone in the booth that looks out on to these busy streets. Florence sadly shakes her head and her face expressed it all that was needed to be said. Well if you must know John, his name is Joe and he and his wife used to come in here on a daily basis. I guess she couldn't cook but Joe didn't mine always laughing about it ,but he was in love and she was everything to him. Three years ago the winter was harsh and Joe's wife Clara developed pneumonia and she could not recover from it and with her untimely death ,well  only Joe comes during the holidays and sits in the same booth by the window looking out where they first met.I just sighed and looked at Florence and thought to myself ,hey I'll pick up his tab and before another word was spoken Florence replied John he doesn't except charity or want anyone's  sympathy he  just wants to be left alone.Well knowing me I just couldn't let things be and I walked right over in sat in the same seat where his wife would be. It's as though he didn't noticed me so I cleared my throat and started to introduce myself as he gradually turned to look at me.Well this might have been one of my biggest mistakes Ive ever made as I noticed tears running down his face.I stood up  from the table and I apologized for my intrusion as I was about to leave but he grabbed hold of my hand and he apologized instead for his emotions he displayed and with a smile and handshake  a friendly conversation was made.How years go by so fast but a friendship was made here and it did last as we had our hot cup of 
coffee and a morning conversation almost everyday at the corner diner . I'll always remember Joe up until his untimely death ,god rest his soul and the diner with our waitress Florence. Well progress was being made  and the diner is no more and in its place sits a convenient store  but I'll always remember sharing a hot cup of coffee and a conversation with a dear friend on a Christmas eve at the corner diner so many years ago....           

© 2016 914

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Added on May 1, 2016
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A Story by 914


A Story by 914