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Today my annual pilgrimage begins. It's my way of thanking God for the life he saved years ago.
When I was a younger man living on borrowed time not that long ago. The view of this mountain is
nothing less than spectacular as I drive to the base of this mountain to begin my pilgrimage.
Stepping out of my comfort zone  into the wilderness is the last thing anyone would believe I
would be doing ,but I'm here and it's being done. It's very peaceful out here and the fresh air that feeds my lungs will be
much needed here . My eyes adjust to the vibrant colors out here
but nothing like this before ,its a feeling that's indescribable at the moment.
I check my gear, before I slip into my hiking boots  and strap on my backpack as I begin the climb to the summit of this mountain rightfully called heaven for its appearance.
It"s roughly about a 4 hour hike  but I'm not in the best shape of my life from the
last time around.  It will feel like a life time before I reach this place rightfully called heaven.
 My first steps , a little weary at first ,then more confident and at a more steady pace at this time and place .A couple hours in and moving right along but I should
be more careful of this narrow passage I take  but I go on like this for I have no fear for I have done this climb so many of times here. It's quiet at times but I do pass by several hikers and I greet them with a wave and a hello but they seem not to notice me at all as they walk on by for I'm all alone. This is the 5500 mark and I'll rest here before I come to the shrine that I've made with my own two hands for my God. At this mark  most hikers stop coming up this far for the fear of rock slides and loose grounds .This mountain is known to be unforgiving at times, as several hikers have lost their lives on the rocks of this mountain side. I stand only to search for my makeshift shrine, at a distance several hundred feet away it is clear for me to see where I'll  pay my homage to my only God.
I'm here at last ,but something is different here at this place its hard to comprehend . This shrine has bested all the harsh elements up here and being made of an oak tree it 's as solid as a rock. I begin to unpack my bible and light my incense and candles that I've packed with care and place them on the alter as I begin to pray out loud to his glory that I'm totally committed to.
 My beginning is short lived as the wind picks and  letters that were left behind
posted to this sacred shrine scatters to the ground right before me .I remove a letter that swirled in the air and landed pressed against my chest . I can't help myself but to read it. It seems as though family and friends are  asking God for  forgiveness for this gentleman that was dated 2009 . I read more letters and it's as though this lost soul is so much like me ,name and all and its as though they were talking in his place . I stopped for a brief moment as thoughts raced through my mind as I begin to tremble and shake with with fear  as I remember my last pilgrimage was dated 2009.
It all started to all make sense now for me to be here , for I am saddened, and then I am relieved, for my pilgrimage is over for the last time and place dated  2009 at this sacred place
rightfully called heaven........

© 2016 914

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Added on May 2, 2016
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A Story by 914


A Story by 914