I'm Going!

I'm Going!

A Poem by DANGER

Magazines and books, oh, the things people wrote.

Cutting up pages to make better sentences;

I am on the map! But where?! I don't know, 

And every direction has too lengthy of distances.

I hurry up to catch and see all the outside sights and scenes,

Running down all the flights of stairs of wood,

Scurrying on top all the outdoors floors to be with everything.

Better be there right now for my own good.

Walking forward, each step counts, takes its own credit.

If I want more, I'll have to reach up or down... get it.

Mad fury if I slip just a little, underground or in the middle.

If I'm walking around, I may get a better grip of a bit.

Downward spiral awareness is complete,

Just need to grab for the bar of the slinky.

Looking down into a pond of a dream,

there's a little of me, the trees, and the sky,

a little of the blurry of its own, its insides.

First to step on a train of sounds and feelings,

the last, I feel, to get off of it.

It's a crowded way to go, but I've no sheathings.

Taking me far, but last on the list.

Oh no, what is today?

Let's look at the weather.

Fear is in a cold embrace,

so lights are the feathers.

Not too hot and not too cold,

On the clouds of heart and gold.

On this flight, I do have a place to sit. How nice.

But where it goes, oh no, I still don't think I'll fit.

© 2015 DANGER

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Danger, I really enjoyed reading this I can feel your emotions here. It is underlying as if you want something more supreme and nobody gets it. I enjoyed the lines " Looking down into a Pond of a dream, there's a little of me, the trees and sky"
very nice strikes a visually beautiful cord. Over all a visual journey. A great write.

Sheer Terror

Posted 8 Months Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

8 Months Ago

Dude ! I am not nice if I did not like this I would say nothing. In the beginning the first lines y.. read more

8 Months Ago

oh my god thank you.. that was sooo helpful... fuuun
TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

8 Months Ago

No problem I enjoyed reading it. Sheer Terror

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