Sands of Time

Sands of Time

A Poem by DANGER

The Unmeasurable -- grains of sand, below the stars, in one of many spots.
From (in many) a single point of view, alone but for thousands of miles, (so sewn)
A safe nest to hide in, as if arisen in height by hard shells of the shoreline, by surviving the rising and falling of the seas upon the ground, + able to keep finding the ground.
If I put my ear to the sounds of the beach, I can almost hear the sound of the meteorites that made it,
as the crashing waves splash up and reach back down.
The Sand is a fire rock -- connecting all in one spot like a vision, like the stars in the night,
like the sun in the sky. My star is a sun like every star is a sun, any pentacle or push, any splash to connect again... in one spot.. and your mountainous reaches, like sand -- an outline.
Hard to believe? Like the diamonds are parts of stars in space because they resemble them.
So to me the diamonds resemble sands of the shore. In sun or moon, we all see gold.
The stars will see it too, and blue, making up the galaxy/ies with each spot, and wave.
At the border of earth, you can hear time. Sands are the children of the rocky diamonds. 
Hourglasses sink them because every limit to life is filled with the waters that make tides. 
And the rocks and stars in space, such as the moon & his embrace, see and believe it too.

© 2017 DANGER

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poetically dancing, flirtatiously gleaming

Great Read


Posted 8 Months Ago

Matthew Kult

8 Months Ago

I thought it just fine


7 Months Ago

I am flirtatious . .aren't I?... *in gleam*
Matthew Kult

7 Months Ago

It would seem.

Thaaank Youuu.
Now I'm gunna read some of YOUR writing!

Posted 8 Months Ago

lovely , expressive reflections great writing

Posted 8 Months Ago

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You have expressed the sense of wonder when we look at the stars and the sand and the sea in a personal way. It does have a very poetic feel about it and that is good for these profound thoughts. My own attempt at descriubing these feelings is called 'Between heaven and earth' if you would like a read. (you'll have to click to other pages)
I did enjoy it!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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