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A Poem by Sam Freeland

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The Unknown
So fortunate we must be
to search what we cannot see
Freedom of our minds eye
gives us so much more to be
We can travel alone
to places unknown
whether young or grown
With or without friends
we have always known
In the absence of friends
with our pets we share love
To cuddle them without end
never needing a glove
With certainty in our mind
there are opinions we hold
Some opinions are very bold
because we choose not to be told
It is a pleasure to know
that being free to think any thought
Gives us the happy condition
that our awareness has brought
We can read between the lines
to make judgements all our own
Without being questioned
a pleasure of being alone
It is pointless to tell you
to not go anywhere
Even if anyone tried to
you would probably not care
Now please tell me if you can
since you are also very wise
You know of a better plan
having a more manageable size

© 2014 Sam Freeland

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Added on January 5, 2014
Last Updated on January 5, 2014


Sam Freeland
Sam Freeland

Chocorua, NH

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