A Poem by Sam Freeland

or be lost

To be alive is to enjoy believing
our minds are telling us so
But doubters and negators
choose what they want to know
When we spend our time arguing
the pros and cons of the mind
We add power to our beliefs
and are happier with what we find
Some gain strength from believing
lest they lose what has been
Many new beliefs are dangerous
beware of those who were born again
Being born again is their proof
they have found their way to truth
DisregardIng the old beliefs
is their way to regain their youth
Since thoughts in my mind
can never exist in yours
They enjoy the perfect freedom
as found in the whole outdoors
Now that you were given
a little piece of my mind
I hope there is a connection
that we can possibly find
My effort may be asking
for more than you want to give
So I want you to know
your choice is the best way to live

© 2014 Sam Freeland

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Added on January 9, 2014
Last Updated on January 16, 2014


Sam Freeland
Sam Freeland

Chocorua, NH

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