Over The Edge

Over The Edge

A Poem by Samuel A. Bonilla

On this edge for so many long and cold nights
Struggling to keep my balance because I can't leave the love of my life
Tilting looking down, seeing my fall happen before my eyes
It seems like forever down, I already start to cry
The strong wind blows, making it harder and harder to stay
Forcing me to jump but I cant turn away
The wind was just the start
Shortly after came heavy rain and hail
Hitting me so swiftly, it hurts but I still never fell
It feels as if my body is getting pinned by nails
Taking in all this pain, how much can I take? Should i just bail?
I still am hanging on
The one thing I fear is the darkness of being without my love
This is the next obstacle the came in to play and there's no light above
I never meant to but I couldnt see and I tripped off
As I fall I caught myself by a rope
Scared as ive ever been, I look up to only see hope
I lift my head up to be blinded by the light
So I turn and look down to also see the tiniest glimpse of light
In a dilemma, dont know what to do
I see her, my angel holding on to the rope
Do I keep holding on? Will she pull me back up?
She knows whats best and tells me to go to the light that I need
So I ask her do I climb up where else could I go?
She says your happiness lies within the light below
She lets me know she loves me, and my angel tells me to let go...

I look towards the little spot of light, and I say no
There's more to it, why else would she be holding this rope?
Does she want me to fall and start over, she replies nope
As I peep at my angel, with her hand stretched out, I begin to climb
Its even more difficult than the fall because now I don't have time
As the hail and rain passed, there has been a fire set underneath me that began to incline
I cant identify how long it will take to catch up to me
Reaching one arm at a time trying to make it to the top
Making progress, I almost fall and my heart came to a stop
Dangling by a single arm
Nearly giving up but I heard her voice call my name and it set off an alarm
I still have enough fight in me to attain the rope with both arms
Suffering with this pain of climbing but knowing it will be worth it when it's finished
I feel the heat beneath me, but that still didn't do anything to my mwill, it can never be diminished
Just a couple of stretches away and ill be free
At this point, I have taken in a few burns on my feet
At last at my final reach but I couldn't make it I was too weak
Did I make the right choice? Now I am beat
I should have let go to the small glimpse of light when I had the chance
As I am about to fall and burn, I will never advance
Thinking it was all for nothing but my guardian angel caught me without a second glance
Only to pull me up over the edge so we can finally have our perfect romance

As I crawl up on the edge, I can see once again
But where did she go? Did my angel disappear again?
I stand up and look around
Only to come to the realization that she can not be found
Quiet and still, I couldnt hear a sound
Deep thoughts of what to do next, it was profound
I yelled for her but nothing, my heart came to a pound
Feeling numb, I was weak again and I fell to the ground
I cry for her more and more
As I lay there now on my knees, the only thing I suffer from now is remorse
I had belief that I made the correct decision, and we wouldn't be sad anymore
A sensation came to me not to morn
So with all the power in me I get up, my mind, body, and heart are sore
I take a look in front of me and there's a never ending road of nothingness
Wondering how I ever went through all of this
I did it all for the love of my life, did you expect anything less?
I have no idea where to go so I just stay there and rest
Days and nights passed along but not my stress
I couldn't help but be cold and powerless
Strangely enough, the days didnt come around any longer
Yet again, I was in the darkness but this time it was darker
But I can manage, ive gotren stronger
Maybe I havent because I still am crying for her
One lonely night, my eyes were closed and a light came back
I rushed to look over the edge, everything turned pitch black
It all came at once, blinded by the light so I covered my eyes
Only to look across the edge to see her, it was a suprise
She lifted her hands up, a bidge to the other side had to arise
We walk to meet half way, we were going to compromise
Im almost done, I can feel her touch shortly
And will have nothing to worry
The bizarre thing about all of this is that this is only my side of the story
No matter what happen with her she had her battles but this is key
She fought hard to come back to me
Together after all, we met then I held her hand. It was official, a guarantee
Afterward we flew away to finally be happy and free!

© 2013 Samuel A. Bonilla

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Samuel A. Bonilla
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Added on June 27, 2013
Last Updated on June 27, 2013
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Samuel A. Bonilla
Samuel A. Bonilla

McAllen, TX

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