Moonlight Samba

Moonlight Samba

A Poem by Ua

Continuosly walking with amnesia the Gods create.
Another story, another land, but so familiar.
Building up as they forget to build out.
Messages have been left through out time, monuments resurrected, stories passed down through time, and ballads written during the times when the Gods remembered who they were. The Gods are smart, they knew that their spoken language and writing was obsolete, that it could never deliver exacting truth to another in the moment, let alone through the fluctuations of the tempal of time. But they tried to leave messages anyway, because they Loved so much. They made pyramids to symbolize how the many create the one, how the many lift the one to the top, and yet we still wonder how are leaders came to be. They wrote us texts steeped in metaphor pointing at you, me, us, yet we wonder why our hearts feel so empty. Sonnets songs fairy tales and myths passed down evolving through time all talking about bringing barriers of separation down, yet we still do not wonder why we build walls in our back yards. The Gods were smart, they knew this day would come, where they all forgot, where they couldn't even remember why they felt like crying... As the global amnesia tries to sink in further, trying to pass off sugar as ambrosia, science as God, and more as better, it is no wonder that the ones talented in their sleep are trying to convince to stop teaching the arts, because that is one of two things that awakens the sleeping Gods, the other being nature, and the paths in nature are being systematically etched into the mental physical terrain trying to prevent it ending in authentic happiness but rather to a store, where you will die, die alone, and wonder where everybody is at. Or you can just plainly see, that these Gods are you and me. Then we can sit, we can laugh, we can love, we can share and we can save space for our other Gods coming out of their long journey home.

© 2017 Ua

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Added on November 5, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017



Detroit, MI

I write to stir my emotional pot, it is my process of getting to know myself and feeling more comfortable with my rider. I hope in turn this will get me closer to knowing some of you. Speak your tru.. more..

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