A Poem by Cori Sanchez

Because of N.F.

She is the afternoon setting sun light
That warm feeling of comfort
The present of heaven

During the day 
This girl is everyone's highlight
People can't help but to be lured into her eyes
The twin pools of everlasting green 

She truly is an angel 
As she twirls about singing this beautiful melody
I can't nor do I want to look away at this creature
As she prances around me with a insightful laugh

Her laugh is my addiction
Pick any day of her life and you'll see the joy in her laughter
See the spark of life radiating from every single one of her pores
And the most magnificent detail of all
She is mine

I am her protector
Her lover 
Her dream
My soulmate

To have her in my arms
To hate the father that made her what she is today
To be able to see the secret beauty underneath her skin

To hear her say I love you
My mind goes into a frenzy, a blur
To want to kiss her velvet soft lips
To touch her silk skin

But all I can do is whisper in her delicate ear 

You are my sunshine
My everything
My queen 
My beginning and my end
You bring the best of me
And you accept the worst of me
You are the light at the end of my tunnel 
My angel
My love

My her

© 2017 Cori Sanchez

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The ending for some reason brought four weddings and a funeral to mind.
Hope you and her are happy Sam..

Posted 1 Year Ago

Cori Sanchez

1 Year Ago

well ive never seen the movie so, Thank you, i guess
Sometimes we NEED a highly emotional and personal experience to start us writing again... seems this "her" has really touched you!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Cori Sanchez

1 Year Ago

well that is true, thank you C:
Only a person who can feel all the radiance of love can write something so poignant. Reading this will explain the purpose of being alive and that is to love and be loved back.Divinely written.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Cori Sanchez

1 Year Ago

thank you c:

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Cori Sanchez
Cori Sanchez

Katy , TX

I am young and well I always seem to be on the verge of great, or so I'm told. I just want some place to vent any and all my emotions. I am an actual very social person but no one really know how I tr.. more..