Into the Rainbow Sea

Into the Rainbow Sea

A Story by Saria Lon

Faerie and Wolf were on an adventure. Hand in hand they walked, traversing different lands, in awe at everything they saw.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when they saw the most magical thing: A deep blue ocean that glistened in the sunlight. It was calm, and without many waves, like an ocean-sized lake; and waterfalls poured at the ends, falling forever into unknown space.

They hiked up a purple mountain and looked out onto the sea.

Right before them, a rainbow appeared!

In each line of color, fish swam. Big scary fish swam in the warmer colors, while the cute, weird fish swam in the cooler colors. A rainbow aquarium in the sky!

A staircase unfolded out of the rainbow. Seeing this as an invitation for more adventure, Faerie and Wolf eagerly walked up the steps, and into the rainbow they went.

Now they were in the sky, and a pyramid with squares of color unfolded out from beneath them! They were on top of the world.

Seabirds flew above them with amazing wings that stretched on forever. Faerie and Wolf kissed under the shade of a bird’s wings.

A slide emerged, starting from the top of the pyramid and ending near the bottom at an entrance.

Faerie and Wolf slid down in excitement, throwing their hands up in the air. The most fun waterslide in the world!

They entered the pyramid and inside was a brightly-colored volcano, spewing out blue, green, and red balloons. The balloons wiggled in the air like worms. Faerie and Wolf jumped up to catch some, and soon they had a bundle that they held joyously.

Soon they had caught so many balloons that they were both now floating, being lifted up by the balloons!

The balloons took them above the volcano and dropped them into the volcano’s pit.

They were now underwater, but everything looked like a galaxy! The water was light purple, and the giant fish were oddly shaped- some like rockets, some like pencils, some like puddles… and yellow stars took the place of bubbles, following the paths of the fish. Were they in the ocean, or in space? Somewhere else? Suddenly, a square in the floor opened up. An elevator rose up from the empty space.

Faerie and Wolf knew what to do. Hand in hand, they entered the elevator, discussing what they next might see.

Down the elevator went, for a long time. Finally it hit the very bottom. They both stepped out and gazed in wonder at everything.

The sea was still purple, but now they were surrounded by neon bright jellyfish, eels, starfish, seahorses, clams, sharks, so many things!

This time they knew they had finally seen the sea, the true rainbow sea that they had seen in the sky.

© 2018 Saria Lon

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Added on February 2, 2018
Last Updated on February 2, 2018
Tags: surreal, adventure, cute, story, short


Saria Lon
Saria Lon


I'm Taylor! I love storytelling and poetry for its help in self-understanding and acceptance, the understanding and acceptance of others, and the understanding and acceptance of our world. For these .. more..

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