Searching for a Sign

Searching for a Sign

A Poem by Savannah Giovanna

She checks for a text from him,

But nothing is there.

She checks her emails,

Her missed calls,

Her voice mails,

And mailbox.

But nothing is there.

She keeps checking her phone,

When she wakes up and goes to bed.

But what she’s looking for is no longer there,

It is mostly all in her head.

He doesn't love her anymore,

She acts like she doesn’t care.

But her heart breaks as reality hits her hard,

And she wonders why life is so unfair.

But she still searches for a sign,

Not one that says stop or slow.

Not one that directs her,

But one that says go.

© 2016 Savannah Giovanna

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The first stanza is something I've experienced a lot on social media. When it flows into the second stanza, it feels very familiar: everything being totally one-sided. All that was before is as it never existed. It breaks you inside, but you have to go on, to just go.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Savannah Giovanna

6 Months Ago

Glad you connected :)
I feel like you convey obsession and anxiety through the details in the first stanza. She doesn't just wait for a message, she checks every method he could possibly have used.

Here's a random idea - take it or leave it as I'm tired so this might be silly - expand upon the line "she acts like she doesn't care" similar to how expanded the first stanza is - however this could backfire by making the poem clunky so poet's choice :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Savannah Giovanna

1 Year Ago

I feel like it would clutter the poem if I expanded the third stanza. However, thank you for visitin.. read more
This sounds very much relatable to me... I have been there just the way you have said about her in the poem... I can feel the emotions and the search for the sign... You did a very good job mate... A lovely write... I was totally connected to the feelings of the poem...


Posted 1 Year Ago

Savannah Giovanna

1 Year Ago

Thanks Dhiman! Glad you connected to my work.

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Added on August 4, 2016
Last Updated on August 4, 2016
Tags: love, phone, signs, sign, heart break, go, romance


Savannah Giovanna
Savannah Giovanna

New work up now! Check it out. :) more..