A Story by Savannah Giovanna

Try putting yourself in my shoes. My shoes are worn out with holes in them. The soles are thin and the laces are fraying. The heels weigh me down and I feel like I can’t walk anymore. It is a nightmare. I can’t pick up my feet.


Now your shoes are shiny and new. They fit perfectly and don’t squeeze in weird places. The leather is polished and the heels make a squeaky sound when you walk. They are light and make you want to wear them all day long.


Now imagine switching shoes. Imagine being heartbroken, tired, worn out, and controlled by fear and anxiety all day long. Imagine being treated unfairly. Imagine having a ton of pressure on you. Now imagine that someone tells you that your shoes are ugly.


That could be the tipping point. You are well aware, not even that, but self-conscious of how tired and worn out your shoes are. But it takes one person to speak harmful words to make you want to slip off your shoes and never walk again.


But you cannot let people and words have that kind of power over you. Flaunt those shoes. Strut in them. Screw everyone who comments on them. Because if you are in sandals, high heels, sneakers, or flip flops, it does not matter. Because shoes are shoes; if you are walking that’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

© 2017 Savannah Giovanna

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Added on June 15, 2017
Last Updated on June 15, 2017
Tags: shoes, life, perseverance, walk, metaphor, comparison, deep, walk of life, words, harmful


Savannah Giovanna
Savannah Giovanna

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