A Poem by Margarette

Cheating on a girl is deeper than people realize. It destroys her outlook on love, her future relationships and peace within herself.


The silver ring glitters

Under the beam of the moonlight

Shine upon two lovers

Waiting for what happens next


Handcuff to the needle at 12

From the time it freezes

The tale behind the scene

Opens the door of their story


The meeting of the two

Too feign to notice the spark

Even leads to tragedy

What could they have done to each other?


So you've decided,  Darling

There is no turning back now

Let us sort this without pain

And end it just like any other day


Don't worry,  my love

I can dry your tears for you

Face the reality before me

As we succumbed to the edge of our desires


Two persons buried in the sands of time

Let the sin arise from each other's minds

Bring forth the evil into the wild

Burning with passion in the dark


Sadness pours in the kiss

Poison derailing the eve of the night

Though heaven forbid, it is what they like

Love that had broken and flood them like pools of blood


No matter how they hide it

The imposition behind their actions

Gets dirtier as one day ends

And keeps nagging at the back of their minds


Disguises are not enough

Overcoming such thoughts become too difficult

As one lives under the shadow

Of lies and deceit


Love is like poison. . .

© 2013 Margarette

Author's Note

With time the pain given by you will heal, I will not hate you for what you did because it was a relation which I choose and I will live with memories which you have given me.

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i love this poem alot. the emotion really speaks and strikes on the surface but their is even more underneath the words .. good job

Posted 4 Years Ago

I've lived within the context of your words. It's a painful reminder but also resonated within those memories, it was the best and worst of times. Killing me softly and all that jazz...unfortunately too many people have felt this kind of painful betrayal, you said it so well here. Nice one Margarette. Last line is money, it can certainly seem like poison.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Nice work. :) It flowed beautifully. Anybody cheating on ANYBODY is wrong. :P Society needs that drilled into their heads.There are too many broken hearts out there...

Posted 5 Years Ago

This is a great starting version of this poem. There are some grammatical/tense issues but those can easily be polished out. I'm not a fan of colored text, never have been. I really like that photo... yes, cheating is awful but in my opinion it is equally harsh on both genders, whether it was a girl or the dude who was cheated on. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Thank you for writing such a wonderful and honest story. I think a lot of people can relate. I can feel the emotion coming from this poem.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Margarette, you have outdone yourself with this one. It feels so very real and sad in the light of things. Indeed lies and deceit are the undoing of many a heart.

Posted 5 Years Ago

i think that all people( specially mature people) have been through such feelings for at least once in their lives. most of the times that happens when someone meets the person they think they are their soulmates after their lives have been already settles. here starts the conflict between love and passion to this new comer, and loyality to the already found partner. it is really a complicated issue then..you have expressed such thoughts in a very nice way with very nice images, metaphors and suitable words picking..i loved it..

Posted 5 Years Ago

A heartfelt write it is. Surely.
I loved the line, "Sadness pours in the kiss".
Thank you for sharing.......... :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

Indeed, lust leads to a legacy of distrust. Interesting read, the sixth stanza stood out to me, i suppose its something a lot of people can relate to. Well done.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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A Poem by Margarette