My soul cries for vengeance

My soul cries for vengeance

A Poem by Seraphic

Retribution, I’ll bear you on my shoulders

We’ll deliver death like soldiers

I’ll bear you to higher heights

With you strapped at my back

We’ll spit in the eyes of the gods

With cruelty in our eyes

My soul cries for vengeance


The world treats me like a stranger

As an avenger, I’ll be the herald of death

Tenacious in my purpose

Unscrupulous in my methods

Vengeance, an act of justice

Untrue for it ruthlessness, merciless in my vengeance

My soul cries for vengeance


I’ve known what true pain is

I’ve grown to cherish it

The suppress rage flowing through my veins

The cold anger, ever pulsing in my heart

The chains of death, I leave in my wake

Danger is my passion, heartless and without love

My soul cries for vengeance


In atonement for the wrongs of centuries

Fires of rage laying desolation to countries

Delving in darkness among my entries

Calling unfairness restitution

Betrayers claiming compensation

My only love is retribution

My soul cries for vengeance


My own blood holds the dagger of betrayal

With ill intent and glee

As he murdered my parents

I stood and watch in silence

My emotions fled from me

The unfathomable hate in my eye

Will make the gods reel in shock

My soul cries for vengeance


I trade only in cold metal

To the gates of hell, I’ll take you to battle

In the face of death, I scream deviance

With my trademark in my left hand

And the horn of finality in my right

Sounding the payment of my debtors

My soul cries for vengeance


Tears rained down my eyes

The ever flowing tears

Nay, not from heartfelt emotions

But from the pleasure I take in their torment

The joy that fills me in their demise

It’s a wonder how the pitiless weeps

My soul cries for vengeance


The deeds of man is folly

They lust after the worldly

The world is full of the unholy

Reality is an illusion for the dastardly

Repentance of sin is hardly

Forgiveness is out of my vocabulary

Fantasies of dreamers is ghostly

My soul cries for vengeance


As a hapless child, Forsaken by the gods

Grieving for the slaughter of relatives

Alone in this hopeless world

Surrounded by malicious eyes

It was then I met the master poisoner

Who lied in every word

My soul cries for vengeance


Lured by the sweetness of his words

Not knowing his ill intents

Experiments after experiments

Being used like a guinea pig

Till death closed his grasp on me

Surviving by will alone

To repay the wrongness I’ve suffered

My soul cries for vengeance


Sometimes regretting being ever born

Sometimes feeling unwanted in this world

Sometimes wanting to take my own life

In the deepest of the night

Waking from terrifying nightmares

Crawling again and again into the deepest hole

To weep and despair for the unfairness of the world

The feeling of madness creeping over me

My soul cries for vengeance


Betrayal after betrayal

Witnessing the death of one love one after the other

Until my heart died

I gave my heart to her

In coldblooded brutality she died with it

Love is a terrible thing to afford

Survival is for the meanest

They will surely bite first

Deadly in their stung

My soul cries for vengeance


I swear on the life that flows through my blood

I swear on the light of the ever burning sun

In the graveyard of my kinsmen

I took the oath of the condemned

Bounded with the sword and blood

Ghosts trailing my every shadow

Hoping for the ritual of release

My soul cries for vengeance


I’ve been tortured too much

Thus, I made pain the concoction for my strength

To wake every morning to taste its bitter taste

Surrounded by my enemies

Left with only one choice

To turn my weakness into my strength

With the eye of an avenger, I look on this world

My soul cries for vengeance



The wickedness of man is horrendous

To watch a friend hanged with his own entrails

Hardening my resolve and indifference

To show such wickedness that will rival the gods

To do the unthinkable crime

The unforgettable lessons imprinted in me

My soul cries for vengeance


My only weapon is my knowledge

I wield it with indisputable craftiness

I trained my body to its limits

To perfect the skills of taking life

I’ll spit on the grave of my haters

I’ll write my own epitaph

The emptiness in my heart ever remaining empty

Satisfaction flees from me

Happiness is something I can never have

My soul cries for vengeance

© 2012 Seraphic

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Added on September 25, 2012
Last Updated on September 25, 2012
Tags: Pain, Revenge, Betrayal




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