A Lonely Atlas

A Lonely Atlas

A Poem by Blayze Soileau

A lonely Atlas
Scanning pale, bare skies
Searching solemnly
For a heaven too
With malaise inside,
Held down by burdens;
Exhausted body.
Restless in his quest
To discover it --
High above -- a light
Shining for him too
His curse to carry --
So eternally
To him it may seem.
His mind is filled with
Images: black clouds;
Grey birds pecking at
His humanity --
His soul torn roughly
Violent, indecent.
Yet he keeps gazing
Ignoring them all
Only living for
Those bright, golden stars
He hopes to see, soon,
Someday. He dreams, though,
Of dancing on moons
And catching the tune
Of emerald harps --
Diamond violins
And amethyst flutes --
Hypnotic voices
Of godly descent
Calling him, his soul.
His skin craves their touch
For they are his dreams;
Tangible, surreal
Traces of the sun
Fragments which he seeks.
He awakes -- sudden.
A thousand years lost
In his fantasy
Still no light. No stars.
A river flowing
On his stiffened cheeks
Yet he smiles brightly
For he still has eyes,
And therefore some hope,
With which to marvel
Upon the sky where
He knows that a light
Will shine for him too.

© 2015 Blayze Soileau

Author's Note

Blayze Soileau
I initially tried experimenting with an Iambic Pentameter format, but then halfway through I realised "You're only doing the 'Pentameter' part". So sheesh, this is my first 5-syllable-per-line poem.

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Added on October 19, 2014
Last Updated on February 14, 2015
Tags: lonely, solemn, heaven, malaise, burdens, exhausted, restless, curse, eternal, humanity, soul, violent, golden, dreams, hypnotic, godly, fantasy, hope


Blayze Soileau
Blayze Soileau

Cape Town, South Africa

Hey, I'm Shakier Samie and I'm just a wandering poet finding beauty in nature, art, music, poetry, the moon and the soul I see in the colour of people's eyes. I'm a Microbiology Masters student workin.. more..


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