The Reign of the Chain

The Reign of the Chain

A Poem by TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

On a day like any other day
the reign came down
the fall of one 
the fall of another 
until a path lie smothered
links in a chain come undone
the reign came down
absolving only one

The tongue of Destiny
that is where my name lies
all that is left 
the embrace of my descent
Treasonous power 
was traded for my chains
the reign came down 
absolving only one

Graceful restricted movement
a new enduring talent
another link in my chain
counts as your present
your deception so blatant 
the reign came down 
absolving only one

All rise for the Reign
the reign of chains
there you stand 
the perfect distance from blame
pressed close between 
betrayal and rage 
absolution codons your intentions
to keep me in chains 

Terry D'Arcy-Ryan















© 2017 TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

Author's Note

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror
On a day like any other day I was arrested and charged with 19 felonies. In my county Sheriff Joe prides himself on his treatment of the inmates. All inmates wear the classic black and white stripes as in the picture above. The above picture is of Maricopa County jail. This a chain gang on their way to beautify our city. The sheriff has inmates work chain gangs to pick up liter on the highways keeping our city beautiful. Sheriff Joe has a reputation for running the worst jail in the United States. This was my home for 6 months, while I went to court, next stop would be prison. There are no victims in this story.
Hunter S. Thompson had a saying. " buy the ticket, ride the ride " I always loved that saying. 19 felonies, I owned it and I owned it alone. Now to be clear there is only one person who should have Co signed this with me. Absolving only one, this line I use singling out my Co signer. The first domino fell with his actions and the last fell with me. Now, this is all in the past and I have no regrets. I remember, I write about it and I set it free. If your still reading thank you and God Bless

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Powerful use of words and thoughts. You gave life to the photo with the good description. Always a pleasure to read your work. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 8 Months Ago

you write so cleverly and creatively. so effectively. i think you're a natural. so many great lines,
"links in a chain come undone
the reign came down
absolving only one"

"The tongue of Destiny
that is where my name lies"

this made me think of one of my favorite movies, 'Cool Hand Luke' - "What we have here is failure to communicate." "You're gonna get your mind right--and I mean right".

fantastic write. i love it.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

yes, there is strength & liberation in words, spilling out what lies inside and connecting with othe.. read more

8 Months Ago

yup, 100%. keep it real. never compromise the truth. you go girl!
TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

8 Months Ago

That is powerful. I love that quote.

When a man lies, he murders some part of the wo.. read more
I felt as if this is a poem that is very true to your life experience. For every dawn there is a doom too..When we come under someone's reign especially when it is harmful and painful restricting our freedom to confines us, we become helpless to find a way out of that kind of bondage and when even the destiny is in favor of that kind of rein who is filled with rage and becomes resentful..
Very strong piece as a theme...
I don't know whether I interpreted it right or not but this is how I felt after reading this...

Very very good piece. I like always loved this one, Sheer Kind :-) :-)

Posted 10 Months Ago

This is a big improvement from your earlier version of this poem. I felt like the stanzas were just a bit long but even so, not so much that I wasn't able to appreciate its message as a whole. It's a hard subject to write about and taking the task on is a bold move in and of itself. Your strongest lines came in the last stanza. I am of the opinion that no one really makes their way to incarceration on their own, there are many moving parts to that machine. And although your time was done alone, you and all of your loved ones were together in eachothers hearts by the experience. Over all ,it's a well done and bold write.

Posted 1 Year Ago

May you never hear the sound of dragging chains again.
May you never be contained by 4 poorly painted walls.
May your enemies feel the business end of your anger.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Year Ago

Not too shabby at all.

Flows pretty wonderfully. I'm not sure what it means... reminds me of a competition trap. Caught up so tightly in training for a game one forgets the reality of their situation.

I'm sure I don't get it but it was an enjoyable read none the less. I like your style.

(nice intro pic as well, it sets it up nicely I thinks)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Year Ago

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TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror
TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror


When I was a young girl I was your average Tomboy. I lived to watch Star Trek the only thing that could take me away from the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise was playing Baseball with the boys. .. more..


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