A Poem by TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

" thoughts of a prayer for the mortal All of which she can and cannot hear "


The reticent stance

Stoned and silenced

Exploited beyond a stranger provoked

Labeled with a gaze from the heavens above

Beautiful lifeless seduction

A posture of unselfish significance

Cradling irreparable breaks

these fractures lay across the surface in reach

Weaving into veins

Running transparent

in the face of grace

perpetual standing ornament

earned years of gold and graying color

instilling times ruthless design

Sympathy unwinds for blood left behind

the feel of separation with every piece taken

In waters that rage vast

her reflection cast

solid stone ruling sublime

Rich and rough against a surface

Striking hard and reckless

Recollection of a pulse

to a solidified center

Twilight calls a land to order

Prompting a dark curtain to call

And thoughts of a prayer for the mortal

All of which she can and cannot hear

Like the sound of thunder distinct and eerie

With a hammer and chisel

Breathes the sculptor of bone and matter

Broken battered figurine clatter

Turning a grave into impressions of control

Mercy has no hands here

To Hold her sorrow still

Magnificent and well defined stone

imprison her soul

Terry D’Arcy-Ryan

© 2018 TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

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every time I read your work I feel like I'm writing TV dinners and you're writing five star entree's. This is a powerful statement.great insight into a broken judicial system. where's al Pacino in the courtroom when you need him

Posted 9 Months Ago

This is wonderfully written.
It has an air of mystery and dream-like effect.
For a brief moment you take the reader into another world beyond the eye.


Posted 9 Months Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

9 Months Ago

BlakPrince, What an amazing review. I am thrilled when anyone relates to my writing. I wrote this a.. read more
This is powerful. Line after line. Fantastic.

Posted 1 Year Ago

man's quest for ever-elusive justice. your writing is so cool. always such strong & effective imagery. a real pleasure ...

Posted 1 Year Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Pete, I actually watched what we call justice slowly move along the system. As we all age against o.. read more
It's is truly not easy when you just do not know where to start in order to pour justice into every mortals hands. Specially when you are stoned. :( Nice write.


Posted 1 Year Ago

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TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Capolavoro, you always leave such a beautiful review when you read my writing. Thank you
read more
this poem is so wonderful. i had to read it twice, i loved it. thank for sharing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I loved reading this! A very timely subject these days too. The descriptions and word usage here humble me.

Posted 1 Year Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Frankie, I am actually describing both the aged lady and justice herself. Recently I have some busi.. read more
I loved it. Very wonderful: :D

Posted 1 Year Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Snow Angel, I am thrilled that you enjoyed this it is a strong piece I labored over to get the des.. read more
she is so sad, she is stone....a statue looking at us from her stance, wondering how we can do what we do to each other....and feel so stone cold inside.

Posted 1 Year Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Our lady justice was chosen for her strength and she also is required to be indifferent. A system th.. read more
Such descriptive sentences and words to describe something unreal yet so real and you make it so powerful and give those images life!
Well done keep it up!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

Mr. Writer I wrote as if I was speaking of a lady and justice itself. Thank you for taking the time.. read more

1 Year Ago

No problem :)

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TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror
TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror


When I was a young girl I was your average Tomboy. I lived to watch Star Trek the only thing that could take me away from the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise was playing Baseball with the boys. .. more..


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