Connection on a Different Level (The Beginning Of A Short Story)

Connection on a Different Level (The Beginning Of A Short Story)

A Story by Fashell

A love untold

   She always wanted him. But she was never quite sure about what he saw in her. Mentally she questioned his intentions all the time. Although, she was young, she was also wise. She figure he liked her innocence and the fact she was quiet. She never caused him trouble. When they would get together there was heat and fireworks. He made her body react in ways no one ever could. Her heart went right along with it.
    However, that's where wisdom had to step in. "You can't get attached. He can really hurt you." This is what she told herself. Then she would look into his piercing brown eyes and get caught up. Her breath always quickened around him, her palms got sweaty, and she was at a loss for words. "If only he felt the same about me." Her heart always sadden at thought. He had no clue as to how much she really felt for him.
   She didn't voice it because she felt exposing her heart would only lead to heart break. She watched enough females go through hell over a man. She learned from their mistakes, she grew from their experiences, and felt she was all the better for it. He had no clue as to how she felt. He asked many times about how she thought, but never got a direct answer. Little did she know that she was just as clueless as he was. Because it was bothering him that he was spending time with someone he barely knew. She didn't trust him enough to let him in. He had no problem with her age. He had a problem not being able to connect to her. Little did she know, she stood in her own way of keeping him near.

© 2015 Fashell

Author's Note

It's not finished.

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sounds nice keep working :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you. :)
Careless Dreamer

3 Years Ago

finish it....

3 Years Ago

It's being worked on.

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