Ode to the fallen lovers

Ode to the fallen lovers

A Poem by Sherbs Dreaming Tree Of Poetry

A little scribble about a break up

Nothing lasts forever,
But the end, I never,
The end I never saw,
My wounds still raw,
My minds becoming a chore,
My soul still, oh so sore,

Have I just became a bore?
I've already walked out the door,
To try to spread my wings,
And soar,

You were my one,
As true as the sun hath shone,
I know now, you're truly gone,

I can hear your voice, such melody,
A chorus of angels,
A divine scale,
Songs of the whale,
Through lifes ever blowing gale,
It kept me sane,

Now, i'm here alone,
With eyes of unpolished stone,
Misery like I've never known,

I've seen great walls crash,
In instances so brash,
Causing a mental re-hash,
As a better man now reaches for his stash

© 2015 Sherbs Dreaming Tree Of Poetry

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Old wisdom make us older and colder.
"Nothing lasts forever,
But the end, I never,
The end I never saw,"
Old school wisdom is learn and understood. If we are lucky. We learn and become wiser in the want and need of love. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 4 Years Ago

A crafted piece that walks the reader hand in hand with emotion and elegance, well done, good read.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on February 5, 2015
Last Updated on February 5, 2015
Tags: Lovers, Ode


Sherbs Dreaming Tree Of Poetry
Sherbs Dreaming Tree Of Poetry

Kirkcaldy, Sherbs house on Sherbs street :D, United Kingdom

I am Sherb of Sherbs Dreaming tree, Come inside and see, My marvellous range of tea. Haha Im Sherb I love poetry, it was my life for wuite a while and i have been suffering an 18 month block .. more..