A Poem by Sianna Reader

Slowly, we're destroying the world and everything bit of beauty it has.


There is strange music in the air

and it is rich with fragrant taste.

You cannot see it floating

but rest assured it’s there.


In its beauty you can feel life.

In its heart you can sense heat.

The music is the strength of the world

and its ever soft diminuendo.


Fresh humble sounds of light,

How they drown the world in harmonies.

I adore their sprightly textures.

They make my soul soar and fly.


Only love and hope propels this music.

Only dreams and faith make it swell.

It’s the simple gurgle of children at play,

and rivers rushing and moving happily.


Sometimes I set myself to the ground

and listen to the music of the earth.

Its bold and bright bubbling beat,

Its wavering motifs, it’s tripping melodies.


Oh it’s glorious and immeasurable in finery,

Youthful sound, enough to defy gravity.

I could listen forever and sink in its gentleness,

The song of earth is the closest I might get to God.


Now come close and heed, human beings,

For this music is but fading in our grasp.

We are too consumed in wealth and lies,

to even bother to hum along anymore.


We are too concerned in our pride, in bloodlust,

We are drowning out its lovely sound with war cries,

It’s as if we are not even listening to the voice

of mother earth, begging, pleading with us.


Stop and listen! Stop and listen!

Before it’s too late to even try,

Deceit and pain quells its musical beauty

and prejudice mutes its flowery scent.


We cannot see our broken harmonies,

We don’t realise that we no longer

replicate each other’s melodies

Yes absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Stop and listen! Please just stop and listen!

I am afraid that one day we will wake to stillness,

Yes, one day we might wake to nothing

but a world of dissonant broken chords.


There is strange music in the air

and it is rich with fragrant taste.

Let us not lose its rhythmic rhythm.

When it’s gone, we might never sing again.



© 2012 Sianna Reader

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Added on April 13, 2012
Last Updated on April 13, 2012


Sianna Reader
Sianna Reader

South Wales, United Kingdom

Hi! I'm 18 years old and have been writing for as long as I can remember. I love to read fantasy books especially The Twilight Saga and The Harry Potter series. (Reader by name, Reader by nature as my.. more..