Canada, My Future Home

Canada, My Future Home

A Story by Silverrodd

It was about a couple months ago that one thought was constantly racing through my mind. I had come to a conclusion about one thing. I was and still am, obsessed. I am obsessed about one thing. This one thing is more important than gravity, maybe even the human brain.
My obsession is simple enough. This one word that is constantly draining any other though out of my pea-sized brain; Canada.

It started a while ago when I started watching a youtuber, TheBajanCanadian. I thought his name was funny so I watched some of his videos. I watched a couple more. And soon I was obsessed. I have always been a bit of a nerd. I love video games, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, you name it. This youtuber deals with video games; mainly Minecraft.
I admit at first I never really knew what Minecraft was. After I started watching his daily hunger games, minecraft style. I decided to get it on my xbox. I fell in love. It was the type of lovely relationship where you are allowed to burp and pig out around each other. DEEP. 
The BajanCanadian has this group of friends that have their own Youtube channels; The BajanCanadian (Mitch), JeromeASF (Jerome), theNoochm (Matt), and Zak (i dont remember his channel name, something Hippo). I started to watch all their channels and laugh and share memories of past videos through my trusty iPod.
This evolved into my fascination into the Canadian Lifestyle. I was intrigued. I found one of Matt's videos that was titled Canadian Milk or something like that. Curiosity won over and i clicked play.
As I watched my mouth fell in utter amazement. I live in America so my milk comes in cartons, you know? So when I found out that milk comes in bags at Canada I almost had a heart attack. It was complete and utter brilliance at best. I began to watch the BajanCanadian avidly as before and still to this day, every day. 
When I grow up my only wish is to live in the Great Country of Canada. I wish to frolic with the geese and moose. I wish to live where hopes and dreams come true, not Disneyland. Even though i prefer warmth other than the cold that defines that great country I promise to adapt and thrive in the canadian way. Oh teach me your ways Canadians. I am but a humble American student willing for your wild knowledge to merge with mine. I yearn for your milk that comes from bags.
I shall be waiting on the border Canada, my future home.

© 2013 Silverrodd

Author's Note

HAHAHA ok so don't worry I'm not crazy, but all the stuff I said about why I want to go to Canada is true. P.S In Benja We Trust

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Added on February 26, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013



My name is Maddy and I am extremely close to being 15 years old. Like less.than a month close. I am a major nerd and I love being one. I love Doctor Who and Harry Potter. I love video games like Skyri.. more..

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