Lover, mine.

Lover, mine.

A Story by Sindu

He gave her a slow glance remembering, reminiscing why she was special. At a first look, she may seem normal with a regular routine. But he knew. He was absolutely sure how significant she was, like a brilliant flower among dried leaves. 




It became his hobby to observe her. Her carefree smile, how she moved in that dingy cafe where she worked part-time. She would easily joke and chat up everyone. Always smiling. He would talk with her a couple of times, about weather, the campaigns for better schools. He knew she would like that topic. He knew her active involvement in them for the primary school she taught at.

"For the kids, the future caretakers", she always said. He nodded with smile showing he agreed.

"Too bad", he thought. She wouldn't be there to share that future. 


With every passing day, he decided more reverently to tell her how he felt. To show her. He planned with care. He planned how and when he would show how much he cared for her. How possessive he started feel about her.




The harsh rustling of trees signalling an upcoming storm brought him out his reverie to where she laid peacefully under him. Too peaceful. She was wonderful.




He asked her out for lunch after she warmed up to him. He promised her a home cooked treat- a picnic by the riverside, within the forest lying on one side of the small town.

"A day to remember, unlike any other", he cajoled with a breathtaking grin.

It's hard not to fall for his charm. Those rugged features, intense blue hued eyes burning you with unseen force, naturally unruly mop of hair, sun kissed skin  and his greek-built physique complimented the clothes he wore. All the hard work, heavy lifting he does as a handyman doing the odd jobs did him good and no women ( and some men) with a sane mind can deny the silent spell he casts.


He cooked it all by himself. Her favourites. When she enquired how he managed to know all about that, he truthfully told her he couldn't help but over hear her conversation with her co-workers at the cafe, her friend who works in the school's kitchen.


They had a long walk in the forest, talking about everything that reached their minds while drinking in each others' company. A sumptuous yet humble meal later, they laid side by side by the river, tracing the pretty stones they collected,  getting closer by the second. He brought her closer with every word, every glance and every touch. He loaded his memory of sounds she made, her heady taste, how perfect she felt in his arms, under him, everywhere as he made love to her under the setting sun. After all he knew that's all the time he needed before the drugs kicked in. Satiated and slept, he carried her to his cabin hidden among woods.  



Tracing his fingers along her face painting it crimson red, he chuckled as he recollected how she fought him when she finally came to.


Dressed in his shirt and finding herself in unknown surroundings, she fought him to let her go, let her be. Oh, fight she did. That fire in her, simpered by her delicate beauty made it so alluring for him. She fought him when he told her that she belonged to him and he would never hurt her. When he tried to restrain her she managed to dodge his attempts, fleeing out of the cabin into the night and he let her. He waited as he counted the minutes, every breath and slowly reared his head to path she took. The chase is what woke the beast in him splitting his face in a sardonic smile that matched his eyes. The animal in him which chose her, loved her and claimed her as his; tracked her enjoying every whimper and squeak she gave out. He knew she wouldn't go far. Not in this thicket, not in storm coming night.  


When he finally caught her, he made sure to take his time subduing her. He removed the dagger sheathed in his boots and carved his lovers claim in her. She screamed with all her might but nothing reached out to others as the nature stood by his side, a rapturous accomplice in crime. He increased his pace pooling her in blood and faster the life drained out from her.


She is his. Forever his and his alone.


He laid her by the river where he enjoyed her smiles and laughs. Like an artist giving his canvas finishing touches, he arranged the stones and flowers she liked around her. She looked fiercely beautiful drenched in red and lying there so peaceful. As the rain finally started to pour in a great vigour, with a parting kiss to her lips, he left her to her eternal dreams.


Like a lover reunited, rain cleansed him of his deeds. It made sure to cover his trail, caressing him and making him smile. Time to move to some other town, find another lover and make her his.


He lifted his head and smiled, opening his palms to feel it every bit. He closed his eyes and sighed, muttering, " I find peace in rain."


© 2015 Sindu

Author's Note

My first short story. I wrote this inspired from a prompt: "End your story with the main character saying the line: I find peace in rain."

Coincidentally, I finished it tonight when rain started pouring after midnight ( which I was trying to do for four days)

Thanks a ton to Sereena and ANTO for reading this and giving their advice in fixing some places, making it better. :))

Review, critic and help me improve. Also a little help finding a title, please.

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Sent shivers down my spine. Such a good read

Posted 3 Months Ago

WOW. Scary but very good read. Enjoyed it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This made me shiver, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Posted 1 Year Ago


It's a double edged weapon and
there is nothing wrong or fault in being a victim to it.
sometimes succumbing itself is part of enjoyment
but it is challenging at the time of creation
for a development of diction suitable to it.
you have therefore given the reader for his/her choice

carry on.....

M P Ramesh

Posted 2 Years Ago

Your main character is a romantic be it a psychotic one. He just had to have her.

Well written. I like the style, very captivating. It makes me wonder what you will write next ?

Like you, I am also starting out attempting short stories.

Could you review me ?

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

That is there. Though psychotic, he's romantic. Now I sound overly fond of my character, haha.
.. read more
Amazing! Such a vivid portrayal.. I almost fell for 'HIM' myself..
A romantic hero to come out as an insidious cad..
Absolutely loved it..!

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Haha! He's a charmer, he.
Thanks, Jyoti. enjoyed your review.
This short story has stamps of true romance. It was able to capture the beauty of love successfully.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Just in a twisted manner. Thanks Avinash. Interesting insight.
Surreal, subtle, passionate, insidious story.... So cool... i enjoyed it!!! Nice work Sindu!!!!

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Glad you enjoyed it, Manasa. Thank you!
i really like this piece of writing, it was so intermate so real, keep writing I really want to see more

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you RuBee. I should start writing again. And reading :)

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