Where I Belong

Where I Belong

A Poem by Singing-Wolf-12

This is actually my most recent poem, and so far my longest. I'm rather proud of it. I figured I'd kick off my time here on a strong note.


For some it’s out in the country

            smelling flowers

            working with animals

            going out in the wilderness

For some it’s at home with family

            chasing children

            cooking tasty dinners

            sleeping in on weekend mornings

For some it’s with a lover

            kissing fiercely

            enjoying company

            wrapped in one another’s embrace

For some it’s the city streets

            busy buses

            walking downtown to shop

            picnicking on building rooftops

For some it’s working hard

            training newbies

            finishing a project

            long days that lead to a good night’s rest

For some it’s helping others

            feeding homeless

            building proper houses

            teaching them skills for new success

For some it’s with friends

            making faces

            hugging each other tight

            inside jokes breaking the silence

For some it’s driving aimlessly

            music blasting

            scenery flashing by

            nothing but the vast, open road

For some it’s nostalgia


            catching up with old friends

            noticing the temporary

For some it’s school

            meeting people

            achieving many things

            learning everything possible

For some it’s celebrating holidays

            all traditions

            gathering together

            fancy, fun, or simple décor

For some it’s being alone

            quiet time to think

            surroundings you dictate

            everything nearby just exists

For some it’s hobbies

            improving skills

            following a passion

            others with similar interests

For some it’s traveling

            roaming about

            solid destinations

            exciting new places to see


For me it’s singing

            the rush I get on stage

            the emotions from the piece

            the connection with the audience

            the artistic movement

            the sounds produced

            the bond with the people around me

            the feeling of accomplishment

            the words tumbling out

            the rhythms we feel together

            the attentiveness of the smallest individual

            the colors we all see

For me, there is no better feeling

            no better destination

            no better memories

            no better company

For me, there is nothing better

            than where I belong.

© 2017 Singing-Wolf-12

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You should be proud of this - I loved it - I enjoy doing all of the above at different times, you have captured the pleasures of life in this writing and the many things we should be grateful for - great stuff :)

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Oh, goodness - thank you so much! That means quite a bit. ^u^

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Added on June 23, 2017
Last Updated on June 23, 2017
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A Poem by Singing-Wolf-12