Red like Me

Red like Me

A Poem by SinisterPotatoe (Jack)

A story about a boy without the color red


I saw this, flawless, worth more than all of it

Droplets of stardust, smelling of iron rust

I must find this, I knew this, though through this why do I just feel hungry? I lust for it

Smelled it on the wind, tastes like everyone’s sins, where to begin, a being pulsing underneath the skin

Rotten, thoughten to have been forgotten, caught in my grasp once more, dripping, my bodies sore

My patience has run thin, so has my blood, I feel like another failure

I can barely begin to hold it in, when around the bend I can feel real redemption

Cold colour beyond comprehension, a memory mentioned, a dream, a theme, like me. Me

Red like me

Red like the blood on the walls, red like the paint in the halls

Red like me. Dead like me

Red like the roses of hate in the garden, too late to be watered, pardon me, I’m dry like them now

Red like when I said goodbye to ones I love, red like the tears from above

Red like warmth, like rain, a bloodbath of angel parts

I start to cry every time I see that color, people died to make that paint you know?

Red like my eyes, red like my anger, red like my body, red like the bathroom, red like my wrists

Red like me


Red like roses, our noses bled red into our lungs when we tried to smell the flowers

Hours, days, years, wasted, pasted on a happy face in lonely place, there's red taste in my mouth, I'm choking on it

I thought they were joking, poking fun at me, but no one is loving me, they’re all above me, I’m down here, s**t

They know that, and I laugh at that, but red is coming out from inside and it hurts

I smile wide but alone under the happiness I drown in red

Red like the insane brain that took damage from being played with

Red like the feeling of losing my pieces and not being able to put myself back together

Red like the inhumane remains of someone I used to know, now a blood stain left to rot in an empty house

Exterminated like a louse

Whenever I look outside it’s red, my insides are all red, the water in the bathtub is slowly becoming red

Red like my nightmares, red like regrets, red like someone that used to care 

Red like threats, red like nets, barriers around the house, scarier than this situation, it’s hairier, bloodier, but with red the more the merrier

They treat me like I’m a carrier of some disease

Is it because I’m red? Please, I’m sorry, I don’t want to be red

I run from the truth, but every time I trip I’m reminded that I’m red, it doesn't take a sleuth to see it’s coming from my knees now

Red was my friend, she wasn’t afraid to embrace me, doesn’t want to erase me, and doesn’t even hate me

She protected me

I came from red, she said she flows in my veins

I loved her

But when grey clouds came, she tried to hide me, said she’d always be inside me, but she lied to me

She’s not coming back, not after that attack, my resolves starting to crack, now without her it's black

How could she leave me? I feel blue as I breathe me the cool lonely air, choking on my tears

Only white flakes fall from the skies, no one cares when another unwanted color dies

It’s wise to forget, that's what they said

And I bet it's true

But I'm through with that crap, I will see red no matter what

I cry from these eyes that used to be red’s

In this house that was red’s

In this bathroom that is red’s

In this world without the color red

The other colors tried to erase red, but f**k them, this house will be red once more

I see red again dripping from my body and I’m happy

But not for long, I’m passing on, I know it’s wrong, but I want to be with red again

Red was my only friend

Red’s gone now, passed on

Red’s like me, gone

My body is red like me

The house is red like me, once more

Red like me

© 2017 SinisterPotatoe (Jack)

Author's Note

SinisterPotatoe (Jack)
I very seldom reply to reviews, but I promise I read EVERY single one. I look forward to my next review, because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be ecstatic to have the chance to hear what you have to say. Whenever you write something about my poems, or the themes of my poems, or criticize me it is not in vain. I will listen, learn and be thankful.

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this is certainly a deep and touching write,showing the depressed feelings that you hold in your mind

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 8, 2017
Last Updated on November 16, 2017
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SinisterPotatoe (Jack)
SinisterPotatoe (Jack)

Burlington, Halton, Canada

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