I Still Love You

I Still Love You

A Poem by SinisterPotatoe (Jack)

A poem about respect, empathy, and love. And how important it is. A lighter poem.

I still love you 

Fighting for my rights, lighting up the night with bright fire writing striking at the earth bright like lightning, mentioning meaning in my words, the third person assured, anxiety worsens, sure 

Despair hurting through learning with my spirit burning, turning dim, shouting in the wind, just trying to be heard as I shout grim bird cries into the eyes of the horizon, the clouds limbs high fiving, wisen up sky

Because I see past the mountains rising in the distance, fountains of persistent resistant consistently omniscient souls, never old, will send their wisdom and love to the future ten-fold they’ll be rich on it like gold 

We’ll learn to nurture even if I’m just some loser lurcher, eventually someone will use our facts and experiences, things we didn’t lack in our delirious daily torture, to bruise the hard skin of this cold world tomorrow, hurl it, crack that coconut and bear fruit to fairness spilling out love and awareness, good fortune, good eatings we’ll share this 

Carelessness can fall away with me into the dark abyss of forgetfulness as I list off reasons why ignorance needs to die and hate must be given a clean goodbye 

For us to fly in the clear blue sky with no mean spirits, just kind words, you’ll hear it, if you’ve got sadness we’ll cure it and we’ll all be alright 

Sighting new poetry sprouting in the earth, new growing trees of knowledge giving birth 

Frolic as sources of forces are spreading their roots and new seeds and shoots in college, the bars, the halls, on stage or off it, where it suits all of us 

The fall says that leaves will glide from the trees and bleed life onto the sidewalk and curb, be turned into the colours of this world speak to the seeds with every language, every word 

Before winter calls and we float down in the cool breeze you’ve got to believe me, we will see progress made before we rot in the dirt, we’re not the best of people I’d say but we know we’ve seen others hurt and don't want to see that anymore

And together when we break down to soil like dessert for the plants our plans won’t be foiled we are a well-oiled machine, just like you’ll see new trees, a new people, will grow from what’s left of our rotting dream filled beings, things will someday be better than they seem 

The world is harsh, remorseless of course it hurts but the old trees of yore, that taught us the score aren't there anymore, leaving us to take their place so we'll face anything to watch over what was meant to be, for the next oaks, birches, maples, growing free

And now we have to protect the world and never be poor on love for the next ones because if we’re strong enough to share it you get as much as you need even if you bleed me dry and I have to die to make you realize you matter, every piece 

It’s important to notice the ones who struggle, please smuggle in some love for my brothers, they deserve peace

Know that this cycle of one’s who clawed their way out of hell doesn’t spell a reentry, I spent these last years there, where the pain sent me, while nobody cared, so I won’t blow it this time 

We’ll help you find a way out so shout out in happiness, blow your closest friends a kiss, we owe each other a world of bliss so 

Baptiste your eyes with new lines behind the minds of writing to share because in the end, we all dare, deserving to be cared, as we pay our fares every day in life, don’t get carried away, follow your own path, whatever the strife

Deaths scythe is never far away 

You can’t stay forever, anyway, never, not ever after the aftermath 

Don’t know about you but I’m true to the things I do, the words I shout, the tears I pout until I’m beating the a*s out of a******s and leaving them shitting their bull and then taking it back up their crack yo 

Swallowing it whole because I stole their full course meal, they talk idle smack but our flesh isn’t chicken or horse and prejudice isn’t real so take it back close your mouth before your stricken forced to gobble down your borscht and shut the f**k up 

I may love people, but haters can suck my duck 

I knew no love and while sailing in the winds and waves of fate 

Spinning around the sun was no fun I was keeping my neck above the hate trying to stop from choking with every word spoken wasn’t great

I was painting myself the colour of hate, stained in the pain, plain human remains, but the gate to heaven hasn’t been open of late since 50 years before 911 and I’m been angry and empty suffering a bad memory medley, poisonous, deadly heavy depression since 8 or 7 hopefully never again to be, but you have to see it’s a given that living eventually consensually broke me down 

Love is knowing that someone always has your back, and picks up your slack when your starting to crack like an egg and your squishy yoke is just a joke as you stagger on your legs and fade into the waves choking on an ocean of grey fire that never goes away never a break from any day trying to find something to say but your voice is silent, because even from your tongue you’ve been betrayed 

In the self-hating violence and your smile just hides your face but you can still play with the idea that there are fellow runners in this race against death, and you can hear the life in their breath and it’s not over yet 

I never had that, never been up to bat, never sat down with someone to listen as my tears glistened, no one cared when I went missing, pissing out tears but now I’m switching gears so we can have a beer and laugh about it if you want 

But you deserve it, love

I’ve heard s**t that just doesn’t need to be said, and if I had bread for every insult that hit me in the head, would the world be fed? 


But I’m not going to be a baby 

Because I love you whether you're slim shady, the devil, high, or worship hades because your lordship wouldn’t be savvy but you still get my respect gentlemen and ladies 

Let me be the glove that keeps you warm in winter, the one who sits at your table, always there for you, strong and stable, be the bones that hold your form, able to support you through life’s storms, be the f**k words in your porn, let me be the music you sing along to at home and never scorn even though you won’t admit you still listen to it and have a stuffed unicorn 

And if your all alone and feel like you wish you hadn’t been born, like love has been torn from your life, ripped raw, burdened by the strife, sprinkle some of that poetry spice because in my heart you’ll always be remembered 

So start to be a good friend or share your art with people that share theirs, we humans defend our women, men, and others 

Whether you know me, call me a brother, or don’t. 

I’ll still love you, you’ll be a member of a club called humanity  because we are all burning embers in the same fire anyone who says differently is just a lier so let's burn through this pyre and find a higher existence, dismember the hate, f**k fate

I’ll love you even after my last December

© 2018 SinisterPotatoe (Jack)

Author's Note

SinisterPotatoe (Jack)
I know I've been really angry and depressed with my poems, so I wanted to write something nice. I may be full of pain, but that doesn't mean I don't care or love others. I always respect and love those around me. And everyone deserves love.

I very seldom reply to reviews, but I promise I read EVERY single one. I look forward to my next review because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be ecstatic to have the chance to hear what you have to say. Whenever you write something about my poems, or the themes of my poems, or criticize me it is not in vain. I will listen, learn and be thankful.

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nice writing and very different from your writings in the past, there is this positive tone in it. If i remember it right, i have reviewed two of your past poems and this one is really different.

Posted 10 Months Ago

great story jack,and you covered all the points you mentioned in your tag,i enjoyed the read

Posted 10 Months Ago

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