A Poem by V

Bankable: word one

The leader of a line that isn’t moving

Constantly counted on to take credit for upset victories

But called out on unsettled losses

There when needed, but gone all the time

Backwards racing to relive days the calendars crossed out on their own

Red ink sniffing itself to smell good

Black roses on white caskets answering the important ones

“Who dunnits” make for good books

But the non fiction sells better


Word seventy eight: truth

In all its glory, it lies

Storybook rumor on the run rallying the troops in its defense

It’s nothing you can rely on

Unlike bankable, why bother, unless you believe in make believe

The only truth I ever saw was in my fathers eyes

Right before I realized word 129



Stolen from in advance

The con comes and goes

But diamonds last forever


This whole time they’ve been taking from me

And I’ve been letting them

All this work, and I’m assed out on a rainy day

My hairs getting wet

And it’s starting to curl


Ringlets of disappointment dripping ethnicity

Proud to be proud

And glad to be let off the hook


Scattered: word 195

Not my thoughts, but my life

I’m all over the map, but focused on just one state

Of mind

Now were talking about my thoughts

Which mostly amount to dreams

Because of reality, word 230

The little f****r that’s ever present

And causes me to rant when I should rage


It’s the smoke, and the mirrors

The man and the machine


It’s all of the above

And none of the below


The tickle

That attacks my tonsils

And causes me to gag only to lick my teeth

to speak


poetry: word 286

no rhymes or reasoning, real or fake

just you and them

and what you need to say

to make it feel better


emotions come at a cost

addicted to the single of a record I didn’t buy

my pockets run deep, but I never have any money


spent it at the arcade on a good game of fuse ball


needy: word 348

what comes across when I read out loud

with my sign held high

giving away “free hugs”

in front of a store at your local mall


thank god for tiny towns and the hearing impaired

I went for broke

And came out indebt


Flawed: word 392

Fixated on the parts that don’t work right

Intentionally angsty

When I should be aiming towards honest

More of the same

Until the ingredients even out and the recipe goes bad


A dinner I wouldn’t feed my family

But eat by myself on a regular basis


Done: word 441

Full circle chasing my own tail

Things that seem easy rarely are

Dessert mirages offering soda pops in the sand


Take a sip

Then take a bow


Halfway thru and calling it quits

Caught half cocked

And bowing out long after all the high notes


As needed and

As Incomplete

As it should be


© 2009 V

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so many good lines here, a freight train of thought, i think you'd write a great novel.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Very moving. Thanks for making me feel it.
Flawed word 392, I think we've all been there. One of those poems everyone should be able to relate to.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Totally love this kind of writing reminds me old Jack Kerouac's mantra on writing I don't know if you read Jack or not but the poem totally fits his idea of how we should write .. free streams of thought, but then there are really no rules.. the bad writers..the ones we can barely read.. seems to me they are the ones who try too hard. I don't know if you tried hard on this one or are just pretty darn good..anyhow I like it

Posted 9 Years Ago

interesting work as always my friend. flows very well. seems like a lot of new faces around here. what happened to the old circle of poets who used to haunt these pages?

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is dope, old school you but sounds brand new

Bankable: word one

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Poem by V