Promise x

Promise x

A Poem by Sir Psychosis

A poem I wrote about what we promise and what we should aspire to offer, when we ask for Love x

To ask, I know I ask a lot,
But, I have just as much to give,
Like the depths of my deepest darkest perversions
the Perfect place for us to live.
my heart has two sides, both you can obtain,
The light threatening exxxtreme pleasure
the dark with it's promise of pain
While you truly take a moment to consider
my not so good sides as well as my wrong
I'll lean you over the cliff off my darkest recesses
And maybe give you just the teeniest tiniest shove along
and as we dive into the excesses of our blackest pleasures
surfacing and swimming,
You can stroke, while I paddle
And maybe after, I present you with my saddle,
see you're laughing you get the metaphor
I just promised to pick you up and carry you forever more
Your smile is all I desire to protect,
your frown, I wish to forever eject.
You smile a secret smile,
And while I mean no disrespect
I crave the smile of your secret lips
a sign that you accept, not reject
and with your permission, i can erect

in your mind, images of my every secret desire
So lets light the spark
and warm ourselves by the bonfire
as all your fears and doubts go up in smoke
My heart heating yours
while we look out past the ocean of your despair
and envisage those clearer shores
But all this is to come much later,
For now I have but one request
Though your outer beauty does astound me
it's only your emotions and feelings that I wish to undress
And I swear that it's not that I'm trying to guilt you
Or hold you under any duress
Just take that first step
I'll meet you more than half way,
and from then on I'll carry you, princess.
I will love you from now and every day
Till our last day
I really am here to stay
I know it's a lot to ask,
But i can't help it,
What I want is a one of a kind
I'm asking for your most prized possession, Baby...
The only thing I want, for now, is your... your mind

-Sir Chaos

© 2017 Sir Psychosis

Author's Note

Sir Psychosis
All Constructive critisisms and comments are welcome. I hope you like my work ☺

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Added on December 21, 2017
Last Updated on December 21, 2017
Tags: Poem, poetry, love, devotion, truelove, emotional


Sir Psychosis
Sir Psychosis

Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Hi. I'm 36 From West London and I enjoy Writing, Art, Reading, gaming and I'm an Uber Nerd/Geek 😊 Also I am diagnosed Combination ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Bipolar. more..


A Poem by Sir Psychosis