A Poem by Sir Psychosis

A litttle something I wrote based on Terror

A Decadent mind,
With Emotion slain.
A twisted smile,
With eyes screaming only pain...
But the Genteel civility,
masks the demon within,
Light fades from his visage,
his eyes twinkle with sin.
The smile so beautiful,
Your sense of fear is numb,
Fool, Fooled by the the trap,
You're prey, now Succumbed..
You walk calmy arm in arm,
And so begins your demise,
Walking to your own end,
You'll sigh, you'll cry, you'll die..
Too late do you notice the evil,
Too late does the fear return,
For there now lies no salvation,
From this, there is no return.
The Adrenaline spikes to prepare you,
For fight or flight, so choose..
But it may already be futile,
You chose to put on your noose..
Escape is your first thought,
But You run with no where to go,
His shadow never leaves you,
Your run, you know is too slow..
The thoughts of fight resurface,
But inside you're dying with fright,
But bravado compels you to turn,
Now you're gripped by eyes black as night...
A presence so heavy,
Like a steel claw vice,
The feeling of cold terror,
Like you're buried, neck deep in ice
Your warm night turns cold,
You've run for your life,
You're sanity balanced,
On the edge of the knife.
Inside you cry,
His thoughts awry...
Your end is nigh,
You Sigh, You Cry, You...

-Sir Psychosis

© 2017 Sir Psychosis

Author's Note

Sir Psychosis
All Constructive comments and critisisms welcome. I hope you enjoy ☺

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Added on December 22, 2017
Last Updated on December 22, 2017
Tags: Poem, poetry, Fear, terror, danger


Sir Psychosis
Sir Psychosis

Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Hi. I'm 36 From West London and I enjoy Writing, Art, Reading, gaming and I'm an Uber Nerd/Geek 😊 Also I am diagnosed Combination ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Bipolar. more..


A Poem by Sir Psychosis