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Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!


A Story by Seth Kinle



 “Good evening. I’m Lora Rainer and welcome to Zero Zero One News. A horrible tragedy tonight has brought the local community to its knees. An unidentified man entered a theater downtown and opened fire on the horrified audience with an automatic weapon killing five and injuring dozens more before turning the gun on himself. We have Jack Exeter on location. How are you hanging in there Jack?”

There was a delay while Jack waited for the feed to catch up.

“Not well at all Lora. Witness accounts tell a gruesome story of what went on in the building behind me. The streets are flooded with traffic but most of the ambulances have been able to find a way to squeeze through and get to the people who need them.”

“Well, thank God for that at least.” Lora said. “Jack, we’ve just gotten word that the shooter’s name was William Henry Killian. Has there been any word on site from the police about a possible motive for such a shocking act?”

“Not so far Lora. The police have been plenty busy keeping the crowds back and helping get assistance to the wounded.” He said. “I’m sure that the details will be released as soon as available. My heart goes out to all of the families of the victims here tonight.”

“And, clear.” Steve said from behind the camera.

Jack pulled the piece from his ear and dropped the microphone. He produced a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He looked around exhaling a pale cloud of smoke. The studio was lit for a nighttime street drop.

“This place used to blow my mind.” Jack said. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Now it’s hard for me not to see it everywhere. It’s all a performance to keep them from noticing what’s going on.”

Steve laughed with his tattooed arms crossed over his chest, his bald head thrown back, mouth agape.

“Well, that guy did shoot those people.” Steve said. “Do you want to be on scene where a f*****g psycho emptied a clip into a crowd?”

Jack stepped forward. His black suit didn’t show a wrinkle as he moved. He stopped two feet in front of Steve and took another drag from his cigarette. Steve could see power staring from behind the mans eyes. A fierce creature lurked inside that skull. Jack stood in silence, staring hard.

“Three days ago it was leaked to the public that the government is illegally spying on them.” Jack said. “It was all you heard about until yesterday when that guy walked into his county courthouse with plastic explosives strapped to his body and took out half the building. Now tonight we have this s**t show with some ex military crazy who hears voices shooting up unarmed civilians in a theater. Do you think anyone is going to remember anything about what came out?”

“So you’re trying to say that the C.I.A. or whoever is responsible for all this horrible s**t happening because they fucked up.”

“Or whoever.” Jack said.

“How do they get them to do it?”

“I don’t know. It just seems convenient to me.”

“Welcome to the land.” Steve said

He walked off, ready for his lunch. Jack looked around at the stage with all its hands working at a steady pace, preparing to tell the next story. 

© 2017 Seth Kinle

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A good start for story. Jack is a good character, and he does make the story come to life, but you can improve this by showing us a covert (shadow organization) plot rather than telling us through Jack (during his talk about the suicide bomber). Give the shooter a distinctive chrarcterisitic, prop, orpeice of evidence to sugesst that this scene is different from the others that Jack, and steve, have covered.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on October 1, 2017
Last Updated on October 1, 2017


Seth Kinle
Seth Kinle

Clarksville, TN

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A Story by Seth Kinle