A Poem by SkinlessFrank

tall tales from the days of my adolescence


we spent the 



the cows

Billy rigged up

a bathtub

in the pasture

where we heated

the water to a boil

and gently

placed them in


their soft smiles

thanked us

and a foamy grey film

bled out as they

sunk below 

the surface


Billy retched

and I told him

to be calm 

it’s just

the final essence of

their kindness rising

I said

their inner milkiness


then a ruby-throat

came to draw in

the nectar from a

cluster of bee balm flowers

immortalized in mid-air

and still more cows

wandered forward


in their smoky flatulence

we found

alphas and deltas

that we arranged

into formulas

on a tarnished

silver plate

and as the campfire embers

glowed deep red and

our sleeping sacks

beckoned to us


we drank down the

final gulps of

hot miner’s tea


and Billy pronounced it

“more of the stuff

that made Rome great”

© 2016 SkinlessFrank

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OMG this has the Skinless Frank essence bubbling within the grey film and flatulence and my heaving belly. I remember the first piece of yours I read and laughed my arse off. This is no exception. You are carbon amongst the diamonds, dear D. xx

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

thanks j....nice to hear from you...this I wrote to commemorate my boyhood friend who passed way too.. read more
-- ohhh, this is so stark... -- i can't imagine what it must be like to be a part of such scenes in a matter-of-fact way... but then maybe i can... the stark scenes that surrounded me when i was a teenager were equally harsh though not similar... -- when i look back, i feel i wouldn't like to be a part of such scenes... they haunt me... and make me feel sad about the things i accepted matter-of-factly... -- i wish i had protested... and refused to participate... but then maybe all of that was a kind of preparation of what was to follow... and by that i mean the constantly increasing starkness of life... -- it just gets uglier... and as we lose the ability to accept it matter-of-factly, we also lose the ability to wash it all away with a cup of tea... -- for me, thus, this poem, in a strange sort of way reminds me of the significance of simplicity... -- the matter-of-factness of adolescence should probably evolve into the pragmatism of adulthood... -- maybe becoming more and more sensitive with time makes things a little too complex, a little too complicated and maybe even a little too convoluted... -- this is an incredibly thought-provoking piece... and regardless of whether i read it as intended or not, it's unforgettable for me...

Posted 2 Years Ago

Yay... a murder poem without valor. It's actually very fine work.

Posted 2 Years Ago

um, being a city boy originally... I'm a little at a loss. I'm familiar with miners lettuce, but tea? One of the things I enjoy about your writing Frank is the mystery and intensely intimate symbolism. It sticks with you, maybe haunts the reader and later, enhances his perceptions.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Glen Sutton, Quebec, Canada

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A Poem by SkinlessFrank

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