A Poem by Dr.Who.LOVER

This is about a girl or boy being lost without their lover its a bit confusing but then again so am i!

The thoughts of you settle in my chest
like heavy weights.
There goes that familiar pang again -
alas, the last time I bid it goodbye, I thought it would be for good!
But no, I cannot escape,
for it hovers everyday
in that fuzzy horizon line
between the land and sky.
There is nothing more false than
"You can't miss what you never had,"
for I miss you
and long for you
like no one should ever know.
And when the hope that causes the pain is extinguished,
it is, if even possible,
worse than when it began.

And I am always walking alone,
though a companion flits to my side now and then
to keep me company for a few steps.
And I ache...
ache of having no one,
travelling along this dismal road
with the sun burning into my retinas.
Possibilities are too far ahead to catch up with,
blatant ignorance too far behind.
I trudge along,
the end not yet in sight.
Will it be oblivion?
A welcome respite from this world?

At times I feel I am about to burst.
So many emotions swirl inside,
threatening to destruct.
I am a bottle of baking soda and vinegar,
given a shake and left on the counter.

At times I feel there would be nothing better
than to sit down and cry.
Cry while reliving my sorrow,
or for no reason at all,
or just because I've no other outlet.

At times I wish I could heave my troubles
into the ocean,
although I know they'll swim right back,
even more monstrous and piranhatic than before.
They tear me to shreds, swimming off with
pieces of flesh stuck between their teeth.

© 2010 Dr.Who.LOVER

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descriptive, beautiful and sad at the same time.. good job.. hope you dont feel like this everyday..

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2010
Last Updated on May 19, 2010
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